Ryslen - Flight 8

Flight 8

Green Alinth
(Written by Quachir)

The meeting of the riders of the newly dubbed Seiryuu Weyr laughed and made marry in the dinning caverns of Ryslen Weyr as a light snow fell outside. There were balls of laughter as one blue rider found himself with the back of his head sore and his drink spilled. At another table A'finar, rider of green Alinth flirted shamelessly with two female blue riders who'd decided to visit the Weyr; Armine, blue Sorynth's rider and Platianocha, night blue Aureneroth.

"You didn't come to see just little old me did you?" the green rider winked.

"We heard rumors of a green ridden by a male flying here soon," A'finar chuckled at the news, oblivious to the fact that they were talking about his Alinth.

"Hey, R'pton, you here that, a male ridden green's to fly soon, you should enter," he chuckled. R'pton, blue Lith's rider, looked at his friend with a deep blush before going back to what he'd been reading. A'finar still took great pleasure in making R'pton blush. As the man of 28 turns was about to continue his conversation with the blue riders his eye started to twitch uncontrollably, his black bangs luckily covered the reaction up well. His light blue-green eyes darted towards the entrance of the dinning hall.

"If you'll excuse me ladies, I need to check on my Alinth," he smiled roguishly as he gave a slight bow and walked off. His steps quickened as he felt the green start to glare around the Weyr. Something was dearly wrong, he may not have impressed to the green formally but he'd been with the green less than 24 hours less than her original rider and possibly could feel the dragon just as much as her former male rider felt, perhaps even now.

I hope he's going mad in that hovel he calls home now! Alinth hissed out loud and in her rider's mind. Alinth, beautiful, what's the matter? Why so angry at the world as you seem? Let me think, rider mine... Perhaps it because THIS WORLD DISGUSTS ME?!?! A'finar felt like he'd been punched in the gut by the sheer force of the two turn old green's words... wait a shardin' minute, two turns.

How could I be such a dimglow! A'finar hissed in his mind as he started to sprint ahead. Suddenly next to him was another female blue rider, one whom would also occupy Seiryuu Weyr when it was finished in two turns time, Katzy, blue Balaroth's rider.

"What's the rush, Acro?" she smirked. Katzy's good mood drained from her features as did her color when the bulging of dragons meet her ears, and obviously the voice of her blue's. "You want to try a flight for the first time and you have to make it A'finar's green, Alinth?!?!" the rider yelped leaving the green rider to run on ahead.

Katzy wouldn't be so bad of a partner, A'finar chuckled dryly. Only time would tell who he'd been this eve. The green rider didn't even notice that he'd made it to his guest weyr until Alinth's glowing light green body, which now almost looked white, appeared in front of him, crouched eyeing the herdbeast penned up who now stampeded through their closed quarters.

Below, six blues blooded and watched the young green closely. A'finar only felt a slightly milder version of what a impressed rider felt during a flight, but it was only slight. He looked over the blues, two he'd never laid eyes upon while the others were of the females he'd talked to in the last ten minutes and his friend's blue. Blues Zaerth and Tierneth. Male riders L'ren and G'en respectfully. Three male riders and three female riders... ah what bliss.

With a bellow of rage, Alinth launched off the dragon ledge and dove for the feeding pens. The light snow which covered the ground was soon flecked with crimson as was Alinth's glowing green, almost white, hide. A'finar struggled with the now, overly strong willed green more than truly impressed rider would have done with their own dragon. Blood, my gorgeous spring colored green! Alinth soon obeyed the commands.

After three herdbeasts and two wherries, Alinth gave a sharp shriek before shooting up into the air six blue's following her gamely. A'finar whooped, he'd get lucky tonight, something he'd not been able to do for two turns straight because of weyrling rules. He'd followed the rules to the letter for once, fear of losing his greatest friend in the world had caused the man to keep his pants up and his eyes not to wander as much.

Being less attached to his green A'finar witnessed the arrivial of the three female riders. The males were slower in coming.

"You two don't seem like the type to participate in a flight like this," R'pton's voice drifted to the green rider. A'finar turned with a smirk to find R'pton coming into the outer weyr with the other two riders, L'ren and G'en, both younger... and both blue rider's jaws dropped at the sight of the green rider being male. But it was already too late to call their blue's back. They were already too far into the flight.

Alinth flew threw there gentle snow like she was in a world uninhibited by gravity. She was confident, radiant, she was a queen in green hide! None shall catch me, I'm the fastest dragon on Pern. Fear me for my speed alone will burn you! Alinth roared as she practically cut through the air, not even bothering to zigzag or climb and dive, she was too far ahead for the blues to even try grasping the spade of her tail.

The green soon grew bored of her swift flying and decided to introduce them to her goof off flying skills. With a tight loop the green charged her persuiers. All but one blue flew out of her way and as she shot forward, ever closer to him he readied his limbs to collect his prize.

Unfortunatly for Zaerth Alinth suddenly dropped out of sight right before him so he clutched nothing but air... at least for a few seconds he did, the next thing the Ryslen born blue knew Tierneth had flown into him, believing that he could catch the quick moving green from behind before the other blue could. Both blues tumbled towards the ground in a whirlwind of snowflakes, wings, tails, necks, and other appendages.

Had Alinth had eyes like a human she would have rolled them at the two blues who spiraled towards the ground only to dislodge themselves moments before it could have been a fatal fall. The green instead took to the task of tormenting the blues who still wished to sire a clutch through her.

On the ground, the two riders felt sorry for their dragon's loose... Yet at the same time they were glad to get out of there. R'pton had been right, they weren't the type to want one of these flights like the girls. They however looked at the three young woman who stood near the green rider and then looked at the fourth blue rider who stood off to the side. With a nod to each other, the two riders made their way quickly out of the Weyr and towards their blues.

High above Alinth started taking dives at the males as well as having them follow her into dives. You're all pathetic! Can't even catch up with a green! she taunted. And so was the acts of the flight for nearly two hours more.

Soon the brightly colored green slowed, but only so slightly that those on the ground hardly noticed except for the fact that the blues were getting closer. It was the blue Balaroth who first made contact with the green, his claws skimming her ivory-green tail but lost it as the green gave her tail a wicked flick. Alinth almost seemed to chuckle as she flew now.

It wasn't long before another of the blues made a swipe only grazing the green's neck as she dove. Aureneroth bellowed in annoyance at his miss and was quite surprised as Alinth shot back up through the air... with midnight colored wings?

A'finar chuckled on the ground and turned to Katzy for a moment, "Katz, do us a favor will you... Tell Tiyanni that R'pton and I will be staying on for awhile as well." No sooner had the female blue rider nodded than A'finar was practicly attacked by his lover, and Weyrmate R'pton. In the flurry filled sky above Ryslen Weyr, blue Lith's strong wings carried his much lighter in color Weyrmate through the sky. Who would have guessed the soon to be Riders of Seiryuu would come to talk at Ryslen only to have one of their own green's fly.

"It's starting to look like Ryslen's becoming Seiryuu's weyr away from Weyr," Tiyanni would later be heard to say, "The way things are going we might want to make plans for a tempary Seiryuu Wery Wing here." Even while she said this though, the two male riders were finally living their fantasies which had been put on hold around two turns ago. And what a night they made of it.

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