Ryslen - Hatching 10

Hatching #10

Gold Arosambyth & Night Bronze Zkoth

It was amazing to Ryslen’s folks that their hatching ground sands were so deep. They honestly had had no idea what could possibly have been hidden beneath them. Until the brownish and bluish lizardlike Dgeth had made their appearance, no one knew they were down there - and Ryslen had been inhabited by dragons and their riders much longer than Tiyanni could remember. Digging had quickly ceased, and stoneworkers had been called in - some drastic renovations might soon be necessary...

Arosambyth put up with all of this nonsense, carefully watching over her two dozen eggs until the fated day. This was the first gold’s clutch sired by one of Ryslen’s precious Night dragons, and everyone (save a particularly cranky searchrider) was anxious to see what would come from those smooth creamy orbs. In the last fortnight or so, Arosambyth had singled out one larger egg for special attentions. Though it did not have a telltale sheen, no one was fool enough to bet that it did not contain the metallic beauty Ryslen always hopes will come from a gold-bronze pairing.

When the appointed time came, the candidates were quickly notified, and the spectators poured in. Family, friends, weyrfolk, supporters. One girl, Kenira, niece of the stodgy old J’lenn and cousin to Whiterider L’ken, served as support for the tunnelsnakelike Trrhrn, who was the first Dgeth candidate ever.

The eggs rocked fervently with the hatchlings need to escape, and when the first shell cracked, there was a gasp of surprise. The hatchling within was... blue. Not necessarily a good omen for a queen’s clutch. The blue stretched his wings, and made his way across the disturbed red sands to the candidate of his choosing. Nygil stepped forward. “Czarlioth...” The blue leaned heavily into him.

The second egg split a heartbeat after the first, and the Night brown within glared at the blue, but only temporarily. Just because he wasn’t first didn’t make him any less of a dragon. The half black creature made his way over to where two candidates stood together. Nor clasped Vee’s hand tightly before she pushed him towards the hatchling. “Azth...” he said, and the bond was made.

A Night green followed her brother into the world, and made her way carefully to Katazyna. “Tzyrainth...” she said, and somewhere in the stands, a snide comment was made about the way the candidates were making their bond’s names known. It wasn’t long before a rider escorted the comment-maker out of the hatching grounds.

A decidedly bronze limb pushed out of his shell, and with precise, calculated movements, the large hatchling made his way to one of Zekiran blood; Alchemy. Defaenyath’s arrival came as no surprise to the man... or did it?

A Night green slipped from her shell somewhat gracefully, and made her way to the candidates. Passing around behind them, she traversed the crimson grains of sand, and then tapped her chosen’s arm with her bright muzzle. “Eriaxyth...” Tiaret said, just a bit startled.

A blue bust his shell like Hollywood pyrotechnics, and ran across the sands to the only one for him. Daron crouched down and greeted the young blue. “His name is Yrototith!” he said, surprised he hadn’t mangled the pronunciation - it surely wasn’t standard English!

Another Night green pushed decisively out of her shell. Trumpeting, she startled a new firelizard out of a candidate’s hands. “Makototh!” Sadel scolded, and then was just a bit stunned. “So go to her already!” Ar’wen cried from the stands as Camoth’s eyes whirled happily. The Night green took the Seiryuu Seacher’s advice, and hurried over.

A standard green dragon slipped out of her shell softly, and made her way towards the candidates. Snubbing the girls, she rubbed up against an Alskyrian young man. Eryan stooped down and hugged her. “Erinth...” he said, all but purring.

A brown dragon kicked angrily free of his shell, causing one of Ryslen’s riders to have a sudden flashback to the time when he’d been attacked by a wher.. before Vemonth had come into his life. The new brown roared defiantly, and strode straight to his choice. You will not deny me what I honestly ask. The brown stated. “Fiaifynth.” Elayni said, granting the brown’s unspoken request with acceptance.

Arosambyth stepped back as the egg she guarded made motions as though to hatch. With all eyes upon it, the shell cracked, and a golden muzzle peeked out. Scattered applause rang out around the sands, and as more of the dragon was exposed, cheers of joy were ripped from throats. The first ever Night Gold! The newest dragon, whether unaware, or blatantly ignoring the praise, strode boldly across the sands, inky-gold wings trailing like a cape past her spaded tail. From you and I will come wonderful things, the Night said, waxing poetical. If you will have me, Amaranth. The Zekiran Breeder was quiet. Planting her hooves carefully in the shifting sand, she made her way to the hatching. “Of course, Racynioth.”

While this went on, a brown slipped from his shell, and to his chosen’s side, like a sword into it’s sheath. He fit... Blade and Hilth quietly left the sand - there was so much to do.

A bright blue dragon pushed out of a shattered shell and hurried joyfully across the sands. He was long and lithe, and carefree -- and he was headed straight for Reija. “Whoa, Paalonyth!” she said, and he skittered to a stop before her. In the stands, her brother gawked....

A midNight blue hatchling quietly entered the world, and padded away from his shell, talons digging into the hot red sand. Inalla? he called, looking around. Inalla? Lassa stared at the beauty. Why can I hear you? she thought to herself (or so she thought.) The Night blue’s head oriented on her. Inalla?! He ran to her. YOU are Inalla! he said, leaning against Lassa. “But... Bretainath...” Inalla!

Another Night blue followed suit. He wandered the sands, looking; looking. But not finding. After a moment, he seemed to head for the exit... only to stop and stare at a youth near the edges. “Keep looking...” she whispered. “you’ll find who you want.” The blue took a few steps forward. “I’m not a candidate.” Kenira whispered, backing away as the blue edged closer. Suddenly, she backed right into someone. “You know what happens to rejected dragons, Kenira.” The gruff voice said. The girl whirled to see her uncle J’lenn. Was he...? J’lenn didn’t say anything more, but took her by the shoulders and turned her back towards the dragon, who took another step forward. “Do you want me, Idaylath?” The blue trumpeted happily

Two eggs hatched somewhat simultaneously, and a Night Blue and a Night Brown tumbled out into the sands. Hurrying to their feet, the blue struck a graceful pose while the brown looked overjoyed. Both set off towards their choices, the brown bounding boldly ahead, skidding to a stop at the feet of his bond, all but knocking the Furry Bobby over. “Racerth!” The blue walked smugly over to the young man beside him. Billy smiled. “Hello Wiamth...”

Arosambyth had retired to the edge of the sand after Racynioth had made her appearance, but took notice as a large egg cracked. A small bronze head and forearms pushed out, and with a cry of triumph, the Night made his way out onto the sands. He walked, pausing to help a brown get out of his shell. A dark man on the fringes smiled softly, and the bronze made his way to that man. Drake patted the young dragon. “Well done Maldracth.”

The brown roared indignantly. He could have done it himself! He was lightly colored, and brought to mind lions in the mind of one candidate. I’m better than that, Akillies! the dragon roared. “Prove it, Colosath!” the Athenian called back, and the brown charged.

Eyes were drawn away or diverted as another egg shattered. This one was a Night Green, and though she was far from uncommon in coloring, she was a beauty! Small and evenly proportioned, she raced across the sands, flaring wings of charred emerald. Typhin! she called. The man didn’t even flinch. “Xenoyth...”

Only four eggs remained, and five candidates. One would remain... An egg split, and a coy standard green danced out. With a leap, she ran to her chosen, the one and only Xira. “Hevriteth, my darling...”

A black back end flopped out of an unusually spherical egg, and then the blue front came out. Disoriented, the Night Blue stumbled around. Hamuli impulsively stepped out and steadied the creature. “Careful now, Trauneth...” The blue looked lovingly at him.

Two Night Browns hatched on opposite ends of the hatching grounds, and had to make their way all the way across to their chosen. The larger of the two walked straight towards the only male on the sands - if one could count the Dgeth that way. The dragon’s name came swiftly and surprisingly easy to Trrhrn’s mind and tongue. “Chth.” He said. And the dragon grinned. Murmurs arose. The dragon’s name was a mere hiss? What was this? Trrhrn and Chth ignored the people. Who were they to judge? The smaller Night brown walked over to the three remaining girls. Two were immediately discarded, too feminine! Yet this one - this one - she had something different about her - a power... I can help you. Diama... Ttrae’an! It would not have been surprising to any, had she wept as she embraced Yedouraith.

The last egg revealed a green. A normal, happy-go-lucky green. She pranced right over to the girls, and one laughed. Courtney laughed. “Rasith... you are SO funny!” What did she say?!

After the people filed out, Vee still stood there, alone. No more eggs, and worse, Nor had Impressed! What was she to do! A kind hand touched her shoulder. “There will be another clutch, Vee.” J’rin said as Amitath landed not a half-length away. “You can stand again, as many times as it takes. Amitath is so sure you’ll Impress, he’s offered to keep you company while he and I are not busy Searching - a high honor indeed.”

Tiyanni smiled. It had been a good hatching. As the weyrbrats cleaned up shells, Arosambyth and Zkoth left the sands, happy, she supposed, that they were no longer tied to this great cavern. Tiyanni wondered what the coming years would bring, and what great things they would be seeing.

Nigil & Blue Czarlioth
Nor & Night Brown Azth
Katazyna & Night Green Tzyrainth
Alchemy & Bronze Defaenyath
Tiaret & Night Green Eriaxyth
Daron & Blue Yrotorith
Sadel & Night Green Makototh
Eryan & Green Erinth
Elayni & Brown Fiaifynth
Amaranth & Night Gold Racynioth
Blade & Brown Hilth
Reija & Blue Paalonyth
Lassa/Inalla & Night Blue Bretainath
Kenira & Night Blue Idaylath
Bobby & Night Brown Racerth
Billy & Night Blue Wiamth
Drake & Night Bronze Maldracth
Akillies & Brown Colosath
Typhin & Night Green Xenoyth
Xira & Green Hevriteth
Hamuli & Night Blue Trauneth
Trrhrn & Night Brown Chth
Ttrae'an & Night Brown Yedouraith
Courtney & Green Rasith

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