Ryslen - Hatching 14

Hatching #14

Green Myith and Light Blue Nariveth

After the seeming ages it took for Aderynth and Ainchisth's clutches to hatch, it seemed like Myith's clutch hatched all too soon. Perhaps it was due to the arrival of two candidates in that span of time. With the nine other candidates they were summoned to the sands - eleven candidates. Six eggs.

Tiyanni looked on with a set of mixed emotions toying with her expression. Yes, the dragons would choose the person best for them - but how many times had some of these younglings been presented? How many more times would they have to bear the heat of Ryslen's red sands before a dragon chose them or they went insane?

The first egg to hatch revealed a classy little light green - and a confident one at that. She knew exactly who she wanted - a blessing in disguise. The light green slid right up to Zalin; the female fox-shifter. I am Gesrith. A startled expression may have fluttered across her features, but only temporarily. She was now a dragonrider! Had the old wolf known? As she pondered, a blue slipped free of his cream-colored prison. Rikki - tell her it'll be okay. She looks worried. The other fox-shifer blinked. "Zalin... Esronth says it'll be okay..." It was a trifle odd, but wierder things had happened.

The third egg shattered decisively, and the light blue within gave a contemptuous roar. "Lorccan..." Chevasto murmured under his breath. Actually, it's Lorccanth, Chevasto. The pale blue man was not surprised.

The fourth dragon to make an appearance was green, pure and simple. Elbony! she cried. "Nalitth? Nalitth!" That was quick... Perhaps too quick?

The fifth egg brought a surprised murmur from teh spectators, one that would cease to be heard as time wore on at Ryslen. A dragoness stepped cautiously from the remains of her shell, purple in front and white in back. A purple Light! And considering the purple night that came from Aderynth's clutch... this was an omen for things to come at Ryslen! The dragon walked towards a young woman who'd been through much, and done much to help others. In the stands, a cry went up from the young rider of a night brown. Lena looked towards him, and so did the light purple. So that's Ryff... Lena's eyes went wide. "Nocesleth?" You were thinking about him...

The last egg split and a grassy green rolled out and landed sprawled on her back. Some had to suppress giggles. It was unkind to laugh at the clumsiness and misfortune of the newly hatched. Karinton stepped forward and helped her to her feet. I will help you. You helped me... I am Induth. With the impression of these six, five remain.

Zalin & Light Green Gesrith
Rikki & Blue Esronth
Chevasto & Light Blue Lorccanth
Elbony & Green Nalitth
Lena & Light Purple Nocesleth
Karinton & Green Induth

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