Ryslen - Hatching 21

Hatching #21

Black-winged White Vilemziath & Green-Winged Black Alimach
& Black Duskay

A week or two had passed since Mezireth vacated the sands, and now the black-winged white also longed for escape – and as midday came upon Ryslen, she had her chance. Sixteen candidates and a large number of spectators came to see her children emerge, a fact that pleased her greatly.

The first of her eggs to split wide open was clearly Alimach’s son, a vibrant red beast with blue wings! He looked over the candidates – one and only one would do. Blythe, I chose you. I am Baeloryth. Blythe stepped towards the dragon and his brother Rokan might have scowled, but a voice spoke to him. Patience, Rokan. A brown dragon, brothership to the red obvious buy his blue wings, pushed out of his shell. “I don’t feel like being patient, Banaitanth.” The hatchling laughed. You wait no more, Rokan. I am here.

Another egg rocked over onto its side, and then burst, spilling Duskay’s daughter, a Night Green, onto the hot red sands. She hurried to right herself, then rushed to the girls. We’ll make it right, Melody! she promised. Melody murmured the dragon’s name softly – Zelphenth.

The fourth dragon was also Alimach’s son, a brown-winged bronze. He lounged lazily on the sands. “Go get your rider!” Someone urged the dozing bronze. I think you should get him for me. the bronze drawled. Someone laughed under his breath, “You tell them, Kazatith.” I have, and now I tell you, Avatar. We’ll have whatever we like, without any effort whatsoever…

The fifth egg split open and the sixth as well, revealing a Night Purple and a Night Cream in turn. There was no hesitation in either of their steps as they approached the candidates. Kaishia – you sought long and did what is right the purple said, putting her paw on the girl’s leg. “Celvieth.” The cream waited, and approached her choice. “Alaloth, right?” Sevalinna asked, and the dragon nodded her head.

Three females from Duskay, three males from Alimach. All fabulous. Multiple mates sure make life interesting.

Blythe and Blue-winged Red Baeloryth
Rokan and Blue-winged Brown Banaitanth
Melody and Night Green Zelpheneth
Avatar and Brown-winged Bronze Kazatith
Kaishia and Night Purple Celvieth
Sevalinna and Night Cream Alaloth

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