Ryslen - Hatching 23

Hatching #23

TrueGreen Viceith & Blue Chwilioth

It was a mere two days later when Viceith’s voice took up the hum. The seven remaining candidates returned to the sands, and looked at the four eggs shaking there. In startled silence, the audience watched as the largest egg in the clutch split open, tumbling the inhabitants onto the sands. It had been a long time since twin dragons hatched, and this pair of greens knew exactly who they wanted. To a pair of sisters they ran, skidding to a halt before them. I am Dylith said the first. And I am Pylith. said the second. The girls were speechless. Tell them. The dragons urged. Eliany, the younger sister spoke first. “Her name is Pylith.” Enyda spoke after her sister. “Dylith is her name.”

The second egg opened easily enough, and a blue dragon – a light blue, in fact, quietly came out. To an untrained eye, he appeared to gawk at his surroundings, but to one young MallCrawler, it was obvious that he was sizing up the cavern. Cabbie said nothing, but the dragon heard it. What we could do here! the blue said in an excited whispter to his rider. “I think they have it how they want it, Printh.”

The last two eggs split rapid fire, one after the other, revealing a green and a blue. They turned in synch with one another and gazed at another set of siblings on the sands. The green hatchling walked right up to Anoushith, and the blue bounced over to Nadezhdath. “Her name is Laloith, and his Savitrith.” A strong telepath reported.

The eggs were gone, but Kelei and Lokren still remained. What would become of them?

Eliany and Green Pylith
Enyda and Green Dylith
Cabbie and Light Blue Printh (get it now?)
Anoushith and Green Laloith
Nadezhdath and Blue Savitrith

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