Ryslen - Hatching 26

Hatching #26

Pink Flurry Immeuzth and Blue Daymarth

When Immeuzth’s voice tore through Ryslen, the candidates raced for the sands. Considering the mother’s personality, these hatchlings were highly likely to be impatient, and with only seven candidates, they might be very upset….

Five females and two males hovered around the pink dragon’s four caffeinated eggs.

The first split, revealing a cotton candy pink hatchling. My name is Beyanth. “Mine is Ruth.” The elf replied, taking a step towards her dragon. I knew that. she giggled.

The second and third eggs split in rapid succession, spilling out lemon yellow and minty green hatchlings. The green tripped and fell over her sibling. OUCH! the yellow cried, and Gerotaeo jumped. That soft masculine voice… “Are you okay, Xerbith?” the young man asked, kneeling before the yellow. I am now that you’re here.

What about me! the green cried. “Jerylith…” Viarta said, a smile eveident in her voice as she attempted to sooth her sea-green bond. “I’m sure you’ll be more graceful in the air… or the ocean…” Is the ocean as beautiful as you? the green asked, rainbows in her opalescent eyes.

The last egg shivered, and paws the color of summer sky pushed the creamy shell away. We can fly together, Aldarien. the pastel blue purred, half-hatched. The silent angel locked eyes with the blue. Diath, my friend…

Roczath and Verrath’s green forms darkened the doorway. Immeuzth and her mate sprang from the sands, and the last candidates – Onyco, Rem, and Aldebaran - gathered up the largest of the shell fragments and cleared the way for the eager-to-clutch greens. They had flown the same day – it only made sense that they would clutch at the same time as well. Four eggs hatched, and within an hour or two, eleven ovoids had taken their place. It looked like the searchers had their work cut out for them now, with a total of 24 new eggs.

Ruth and Pink Beyanth
Gerotaeo and Yellow (m) Xerbith
Viarta and Green Jerylith
Aldarien and Blue Diath

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