Ryslen - Hatching 28

Hatching #28

Pastel Rainbow Univoqueruseth and Silver-Brown Glacieth

Finally the eight eggs of the rainbow Danachian’s clutch moved. Once they did, there was no stopping the hatching. The candidates ran in, and the guests hurriedly took seats in the tiers. Though there were few visitors, the Danachian contingent had come early as to not miss it. Jeyann was notably absent, though Ke’l was there and quite unsettled -- understandable, as their child was due any day now. Tiyoshi, also rounding quite nicely in her own advancing pregnancy sat to his left, smiling.

The first egg opened, quickly revealing a large dragon, perhaps the size of a large brown, but obviously not brown. He spread his silver wings, showing some of his sire’s literal brilliance and they reflected the partial pastel rainbow of his hide. Pink, orange, and yellow. He began to move towards the candidates, but stopped beside an egg smaller than his own that was not moving. Cryten! The male looked up to the cheetah-spotted young man, who didn't blink. “I see, Kaalerith...” he responded, instinctively pushing the gathering darkness away from the egg, with the multicolored hatchling’s mind-touch supporting him. That egg cracked without wobbling even once. The first dragon vacated the area, moving towards his partially-feline rider on sure feet.

The hatchling within was delicately shaded in rainbow hues, her silver wings flashing brightly. Thank you. she said to her brother and his bonded, then turned to where a small gold not-dragon sat with a silent triowinged dragon. My Shadow, she said to him. I bring light to you as light was given to me. I am Unievesth. The dragon blinked, then trotted over to her, nuzzling the rainbow hatchling gently. Yes, Xemnth, I’ll always be with you.

The third egg split, tumbling a small dragon out. Purple, pink, and orange, this one. But she didn’t land akwardly in the sand. She floated. The duath stepped forward as she set the hatchling on her feet. Órfhlaith. Nydelakyth. Though neither of them said it, the word ‘princess’ seemed to linger in their general vicinity.

Night was falling as the next dragon broke free from his shell. His hide was shaded with blue, purple, and pink like the sunset. I will wait until my choice awakens. Then I will tell you my name. He said boldly, settling himself in the soft sand.

A candidate shifted restlessly, trying to find some place where her hooves did not sink. Suddenly the silver wings of the newest hatchling caught her eye. The green-blue-purple dragoness moved towards her. Will you fly with me, Siyae? The centaur-pegasus beamed. “Forever, Daylaponth!”

There was a lull then, letting everyone have time to get a bit more comfortable. A large egg cracked loudly, and drew everyone’s attention to the citrusy orange-yellow-green dragon emerging from it. He was large, like the first, and strode calmly to a candidate who happily patted him, then pulled his hand away in disgust. “Eww Ilsakeuth, you’re covered in...” Riariysu unwound his towel from where it was posing as a turban and wiped his hands, then the dragon, fussing over the partial rainbow like a mother hen. Dym, in the stands, could only laugh.

As the first star twinkled in the sky, the shell of an egg fell apart, and a dainty dragon came forth, her wings casting light about. Jemalrymin! she called in a lilting voice turned sing-song with happiness. The girl looked at the dragoness and about fell over! A second fully rainbow hatchling! “Adwendaweth...!”

Six figures strode in from an entrance, and upon sight of them, the bluish dragon leapt from the sands. You’ve come! Five vampires continued unphased, but one flinched. Masshiro Sakura, I am Tateth, and I choose you as my rider.

The last egg split, and a yellowy-greeny-blue hatchling poured out. She sat cutely in the sands, and turned her head to look at the girl almost directly behind her. You’ve waited long enough, Aldebaran. “Mirakoth? Mirakoth!” and then the girl was beside her, hugging the hatchling.

Everyone seemed pleased then, especially Univoqueruseth and her icy mate Glacieth.

Cryten and Pink-Orange-Yellow Kaalerith
Xemnth (Shadow) and Rainbow Unievesth
Órfhlaith and Purple-Pink-Orange Nydelakyth
Masshiro Sakura and Blue-Purple-Pink Tateth
Siyae and Green-Blue-Purple Daylaponth
Riariysu and Orange-Yellow-Green Ilsakeuth
Jemalrymin and Rainbow Adwendaweth
Aldebaran and Yellow-Green-Blue Mirakoth

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