Ryslen - Hatching 31

Hatching #31

Purple-Silver Fuetreeth and Horned Blue Csanadrith

The purple-silver Danachian was impatient for her own clutch to hatch, though her eagerness was far surpassed by that of some candidates. It did seem that Fuetreeth’s clutch grew hard enough to hatch far faster than Univoqueruseth’s had, but with thirteen silver-winged dragons and Jeyann’s newborn son to keep everyone’s attention diverted, it was no wonder.

It was about noon, when the eggs began rocking heavily, and the candidates arrived not a moment too soon. A pair of small horns punched holes in the creamy eggshell, and then the dragon’s blue head burst out. The hatchling was quick to scramble out of his shell. Blue-silver.

“He’s almost a Twilight.” Emily observed, leaning on Sakraz’ arm.

“Hmm. His hide is kindof textured like Csana’s though. And the horns...”

“What do you suppose they’ll call them?”

My babies. Fuetreeth purred appily as the blue advanced on a pernese male.

Elatedri... he said, smugness in his voice like he had a secret. The boy pulled his eyes away from a new candidate - Jajuka - and met the prismatic facets of the blue. “Ydetrith... wait until Arinas sees you.”

The second egg split, dumping a pink-silver dragon to the sands. In the stands with Jeyann and Tiyanni, Sargon rubbed his eyes. Still pink. She looked around, then quietly got up and began to search through the candidates.

The third egg broke, and though the pink egg looked at the dancer from Earth, Ravenna had eyes only for the nearly electric green who had just hatched. My name is Rixorieth

The fourth egg yielded a horned purple, who snuck off past her pink sibling to pounce on a Kitsune’s tail. “Zuruith!” Nanatsu yelped, turning to face her dragon, who gazed up with innocent eyes. What?

A second purple broke shell and got quickly to her feet. She strode towards the ever lessening ring of candidates. Nikusath, Nikusath, Nikusath... she said, shaking her head dramatically. What will I ever do with you? The dragon smirked. You’ll see, Vodhetath.

The yet bondless pink hatchling sighed. “Is she another Kaarthuleth?” Jeyann wondered aloud.

“Hmm?” Sargon said, turning to face her.

“Kaarth hatched a few clutches ago and didn’t bond.” She explained. “Mystic took him home to Tris’hath.”

“I see.” Sargon said. “I’ll take her to Azon if she doesn’t choose.”

Jeyann nodded to indicate she’d heard, but her eyes were on a red hatchling who was stalking the demon Astaus. She smirked, but before the red could do as his sister had done, the demon pounced on him. “Gotcha Rizetrith.” He said with a smirk.

The pink had no such luck.

The last egg split, revealing a second pink. Sargon rolled his eyes, and Tiyanni smirked, but the silvery hatchling advanced on a cute girl with a penchant for pets. I can’t wait to meet your canines, Soxanni! The girl grinned. “I can’t wait for you to meet Lilipad and Dragon, Orenesth.” Annie said with a happy laugh. Dragon is an odd name for a canine. Don’t get any ideas about calling me Dog...

The first pink plopped down into the sand and began to wail. Where is Vussenrieth’s bond?! she howled.

I shouldn’t have offered to take her... Sargon thought with a grimace.

Elatedri and Blue-Silver Ydetrith
Pink-Silver Vussenrieth
Ravenna and Green-Silver Rixorieth
Waraikage Nanatsu and Purple-Silver Zuruith
Nikusath and Purple-Silver Vodhetath
Astaus and Red-Silver Rizetrith
Soxanni and Pink-Silver Orenesth

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