Ryslen - Hatching 33

Hatching #33

Violet Ovaseth and Black Kanakanizainth

Less than a week later, shortly after the evening meal, Ovaseth’s voice rang out, summoning all to the hatching of her five eggs. Twenty-five candidates ringed around the section Ovaseth had had zealously guarded, knowing that only a few would bond this time.

The first egg broke apart and a night purple tumbled out. She unfurled all four of her wings and turned her loving gaze to the candidates - to one female in particular who’d lost someone very close. I cannot replace him, Ryuuhikari. None can. But I, Oeraevinse, will never leave you. The serpentine Chinese dragon almost wept for joy as the Night joined her.

The second egg yielded a second night purple. Her choice was easily made, and soon Kristine found her arms full of a happy and hungry Kaliinse.

The third egg fell apart, and a black and blue hatchling stood up from the fragments. He was a bit more massive in the chest and shoulders than his purple sisters and had the look of a formidable opponent to him. He strode toward the candidates, and stopped before Reggie, the bouncer/owner of a popular club. “His name is Kaoverth.” The man said with a smirk on his face obviously caused by something the night blue had said.

Two eggs remained, and the next to open revealed a cool green dragon - duowinged, night, but still cold. Her gaze froze people in their tracks, save one. Shinu Kashi stepped forward, reaching out to the green. “Tsumetainse…” she said, as if the name were familiar to her. Kashu, darling. The night green purred flaring her wings - all four of them.

The last egg cracked and an inky hatchling pushed his way out. The night blue strode over to Gadese, who immediately spoke his name. “Afeikasein.”

A midnight feast was not really possible, but the kitchen had created more desserts so everyone celebrated the arrival of the five night duowings with drink and cake.

By morning, green Xirielth would be brooding over four perfect eggs.

Riyuuhikari and Night Purple Duowing Oeraevinse
Kristine and Night Purple Duowing Kaliinse
Reggie and Night Blue Duowing Kaoverth
Shinu Kashu and Night Green Duowing Tsumetainse
Gadese and Night Blue Duowing Afeikasein

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