Ryslen - Hatching 37

Hatching #37

Red-White Siamese Dhogakith and Silver-Bronze Gomanth

Ryslen awoke slowly as dawn painted the sky in pastel hues. Candidates and dragons alike yawned, and with sleep-encrusted eyes rose to greet the day. One dragon, however, had not slept, but had kept vigil over her near to hatching eggs, skeptical of the motives of a draconic candidate who refused to come out of hiding.

As the hues of morning gave way to bright cloudless noon, Dhogakith raised her voice in a celebratory song - her half-dozen offspring would soon greet the day, and make their choices known.

25 of the candidates quickly made their way to the sands, white scarves and vests fluttering behind them like the bright tails of paper kites. Three vampires remained closed in a dark room, sleeping the day away, and the dragon Xeth lurked in the deepest shadows.

The eggs rocked with their occupants impatience, and the first cracked widely open as the spectators made their way to their seats. The hatchling rose, and shook shards of shell and sand from her creamy body. Like her mother, she was marked in a siamese fashion - mossy green tipped her muzzle, paws, tail, and wingtips, and also graced her wingsails. With quiet precision she moved to the semicircle of candidates, and put one paw on the leg of a female, looking up into the feln's face with her rainbow eyes. I am Jholaanki, Rosay…

The second egg fell apart in large sections, exposing a dark green hatchling. It got up quickly, and shook open silver-green wings. On silver-tipped paws the young dragon moved to the candidates, and practically pounced on Jajuka, who laughed. "His name is Dhelkian!"

The third egg followed suit, breaking open to reveal a slate-blue hatchling touched with the purest white of winter. With serenity that few hatchlings possess, the blue moved to the candidates, and stopped before a scholarly young elf. Megil, I am called Zhevelkian.

The fourth egg broke with a clearly audible crack, toppling a blue-marked cream dragon into the soft red sands. She scrambled to her feet and rebuked the sand with a sharp screech, then turned to the candidates. Boldy she struck out for them, walking directly to a young woman who was anything but girly. "You told that sand, Khoireanki…" Shylanda said with a laugh.

The fifth egg fell open quietly, and a dragon who bore both his mother's red and his father's brilliant silver stood patiently while Khoireanki made her choice. Then he moved directly to the candidates, proclaiming to Athelstan that he was Ghenorkian.

That left one egg, and as it quaked, the candidates held their breath. What would be inside? Who would it choose? The answer would come soon enough, as a golden paw broke through the shell, soon followed by the rest of the gold-tipped dark dirty gray dragonet. She screeched louder and more offkey than her cream-blue sister, and dove for the foul bird-woman Ziage. Somewhere in the stands, someone snorted. "Looks like a harpy too…" I am Vherianki, Ziage… the hatchling said with a smugness that promised future conspiracy.

Rosay and Cream-Moss Green Jholaanki
Jajuka and Green-Silver Dhelkian
Megil and Slate Blue-White Zhevelkian
Shylanda and Cream-Blue Khoireanki
Athelstan and Red-Silver Ghenorkian
Ziage and Gray-Gold Vherianki

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