Ryslen - Hatching 39

Hatching #39

Icarian Rain Aosihari & Blue-Winged Brown Floteth

There was a decided chill in the morning air when Aosihari started chasing everyone out of the hatching grounds. Everyone. The only beings granted respite were Usodorith and Kalkt. Even Darapti was chased out, which was frustrating to say the least.

“What is going on?” Jeyann asked, hugging her sweater to her chest.

“Aosihari’s clutch is hatching.” Darapti said, trying to peer into the dimly lit sands to see the eggs breaking.

Jeyann was silent for a moment. “And she’s chased everyone out.”

“Draks are like that. She’ll want to present the hatchlings to the candidates immediately once they’re all out of their shells.” Istvan said from where he leaned previously unseen on the red stone wall of Ryslen.

Floteth, indignant at being excluded from the hatching of his progeny, trumpeted loudly into the still morning air.

“D’lrik and the boys will bring the candidates.” Tiyanni said, appearing from a side hallway.

“Thank you, Mother.” Jeyann said warmly, wishing she was warmer.

Aosihari’s form appeared in the archway of the immense hatching cavern, her wings partially spread to obscure the hatchlings behind her. She surveyed the ring of candidates, and with a soft sigh, led forth four hatchlings – four duowings. A green-tan, a green-blue, a white-blue and a white-tan…

“A Forest, a Water, a Wind, and an Earth.” Darapti said, grinning at her Drak.

“Yesss…” Aosihari said, settling herself. “Gaimerte.” She said, naming her first child as the white-winged tan male stepped out towards the candidates.

The young duowing moved straight for a half-dragon candidate. “Oemyoro… we will make a great Pair.”

The other three were hesitant, but Aosihari nudged the green-winged blue forward. “You are Coeronteri.”

The Water drak hatchling skittered to the side of the Tiefling Eseli, and looked up at her. She opened and closed her mouth a few times. “I forgot what I wasss going to sssay…” Coeronteri sulked.

“May I?” The green-winged tan asked, looking to her mother for permission to make her choice.

”Go, Arisiteri.” Aosihari said proudly.

The Forest duowing went directly to someone who loved the forest more than anything. “Be my Knight, Suna…” Arisiteri said, leaning against the elf. “I will… forever…” Suna said happily.

That left one, the white-winged blue. “Have you decided, Taiariteri?” Aosihari asked, nuzzling her last daughter.

“I… there is no bond for me here.” Taiariteri said at last. Aosihari nodded and nuzzled the hatchling again.

“It happens often with draks.” Darapti told Jeyann later over hot drinks. “She’ll find a mate or a bond sometime later in her life – after she chooses a permanent home.”

Oemyoro and Earth male Gaimerite
Eseli and Water Coeronteri
Suna and Forest Arisiteri
Unbonded Wind Taiariteri

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