Ryslen - Hatching 40

Hatching #40

Green Kalkt and Violet Adherath

Not too long after Aosihari had chased everyone out of the sands for the hatching of her offspring, Kalkt's warbling cry beckoned everyone to come in for hers. Six eggs wobbled gently in the soft red sand as the dragonet within worked it's way out. There were plenty of candidates to go around; human, dragon, and almost everything inbetween.

The first egg broke apart, revealing a blue dragon who shone with health and wetness both. He was quick to his feet and stable, and his wingsails showed hins of cerulean. He surveyed the candidates with keen eyes, and then began to move steadily. I Choose you, Thera. the blue said, warmth invading the girl's mind. My name is Rilareth.

The second egg to hatch was the largest of the eggs by far, and when the creamy porcelain shell fell away to reveal twin purples, there was much joy in the hatching sands. After picking themselves up, the purple sisters wove their way through the candidates, looking for the right ones. Finally they stopped before milineth and Xeth. I am Kaywinktra, Milineth. the first said. And I Kirawinktra, Xeth. the second said, and the male stirred within the shadows, revealing a glimpse of stormy colored wings.

Like china breaking, the next egg opened, and a purple dragoness unfurled his wings - all four of them. There was no precident for duowings in either bloodline, but clearly Adherath's Healing Den heritage had been a perk. The hatchling looked around, and finding none immediately to his liking, curled up between his mother's forepaws and slept. Murmurs passed around the sands, wondering if this dragon was anything like Taiariteri. His name is Heliozmaj. Kalkt said proudly.

The next egg split open to reveal a green hatchling. She cried aloud as soon as she filled her lungs with clean air. Devourer, the flit-like creature who had a penchant for munching on pens and otehr office supplies, appeared above her head, and made calming noises. Do not hush me, Devourer! She hissed, then made a playful lunge at her new bond. "Wocsniduraktra! the little beast cried happily, speaking the name of his dragon.

The larger of the two eggs remaining opened quietly, and from the shards came a deeply brown and large hatchling. He moved with spring in his step and the hot passion of summer in his hearts. One candidate drew and held his rainbow-gaze, and as Fionn looked deep into those faceted eyes, he knew he was one forever with... "Untarirakth."

The last egg grew a spiderweb network of cracks along its surface, and with a mighty roar, the green duowing within burst into the world. Though the sun was high in the sky, the magic pendant Plieades wore kept her awake. Long has the wait been, but great will be the rewards. the hatchling promised. "Welcome..." the gargoyle said, embracing the dragon who had double-wings just as she did. "Welcome home, Gaviaktrath."

Thera and Blue Rilareth
Milineth and Purple Kaywinktra
Xeth and Purple Kirawinktra
Purple Duowing Heliozmaj
Devourer and Green Wocsniduraktra
Fionn and Brown Untarirakth
Plieades and Green Duowing Gaviaktrath

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