Ryslen - Hatching 6

Hatching #6

Light Gold Zheyth & Bronze Morrolanth

Ryslen's hatching grounds ceaselessly thrummed with music, even in the dead of night. Zheyth's newfound love for music would have driven the Weyr crazy, had it not been for the first few who began to dance. The spirits of the Weyr were kept high by this until the music of the harpers was replaced by the melodic humming of Zheyth and Morrolanth as their clutch neared hatching.

The candidates chosen for this clutch were many, and some were far from normal. Two were semi-feline, one was... sort of blue... and two were half-elf sisters. Weyrlingmaster D'lrik and the wingleaders had quite the task keeping the more hidebound riders from going ballistic over these unique specimens.

Even the newest candidates had some of the more insidious song lyrics running through their minds.

The candidates were ringed loosely around the eggs, girls interspersed with boys. Zheyth would not allow the girls to group together around the golden egg...

On this note, the first egg split, bringing one set of lyrics to the front of a boy's mind as the afternoon sunlight fell on the blue. "Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, With open arms and open eyes..." [Incubus - "Drive"] The blue turned towards him, eyes whirling happily. Do you promise? the blue asked as Mashon wrapped his arms about him. "I do, Shath."

"...and show you all the beauty you'd possess if you'd only let yourself believe..." [Sarah McLachlan - "Adia"] wove through a girl's mind, but her eyes were diverted from the eggs, so she didn't see that the next egg to crack open revealed a stunning light green. She stepped away from her shell, and cocked her dainty head as if listening. Believe, Tauryn. Believe. the light green said as she wrapped herself around the slightly crippled girl "Lavanith?" Tauryn blinked in disbelief. The dragoness smiled at her bond.

Floren looked about the cavern for his pair of abnormally colored flits and suddenly found himself being nudged gently. As he looked down into the blue's adoring eyes, he could have sworn he heard "Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?" [Train - "Drops of Jupiter"] But had he remembered the lyric, or had Zaerth said it? "Zaerth!" he exclaimed, welcoming the dragonet.

Viresa's eyes switched from egg to egg to egg, hoping that none of their brilliant inhabitants would ever be abandoned. Poor Aventrineth was still alone. Something bright blocked her view, and caused Viresa to look at it. She clearly heard the light gold say "I'm standing here until you make me move." [Lifehouse - "Hanging by a Moment"], echoing the lyrics in her mind. "Is that so, Xiorayith?" she laughed.

A light blue was next, and stalked around the sands. A smirk crossed Ejelitha's face as his action brought to mind lyrics. "...to be a hunter again, wants to see the world alone again / to take a chance on life again, so let me go" [Dido - "Hunter"]
But if I let you go; who will I hunt with?
the light blue said, stopping at her feet. "Arweth - It's just a song..."

The coy strain of lyrics sang in one young lady's head as a green burst free of her shell into the daylight. "It's a beautiful daa-aaaa-aaay!" [U2 - "Beautiful Day"]
Yes, Zandra, it is. I'm Nith.

There was a smirk on the face of one candidates as lyrics floated through his mind. "I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd / you're gonna hear my voice / when I shout it out loud!" [Bon Jovi - "It's My Life"] At the same time, one of the largest eggs shattered explosively to reveal Tiassath! A stunning light bronze. Felio'meh could only grin. What a pair they made!

A girl candidate quietly glared at the eggs, the dragons, the sands. She resented the light lyrics that refuesd to leave her mind. "...the queen has flown, left me here in the twilight zone." [Bob Schneider - "Metal and Steel"] As if that phrase were the key, an egg shattered, revealing a light blue hatchling. Keylyn - I am Sekayth.

One candidate - only one - was successful in ignoring the music that was attempting to invade her conciousness - and it showed. Ealyn's hands were glowing with her healing touch. A brown began to crawl from his shell, only to stop and scream in pain as a sliver of shell pierced his fragile wing. Ealyn didn't hesitate, and moved to help him. As she touched the dragon, music flooded her mind. "Yeah Yeah, I bet you haven't heard a... I hope you've heard every word I've said, yeah, yeah, you've had enough of all your trying, just give up the state of mind you're in." [Sister Hazel - "Change Your Mind"]
Ealyn - thank you.
the dragonet said. "You're welcome Ngith." She said, not surprized that she'd impressed him, not that his back half was revealed to be white when he got completely out of his shell.

"Trying to get a handle on a reason to shine, picking up the pieces that are falling behind, takes time." [Matchbox 20 - "The Burn'] repeated itself in Laikana's head as she waited for an egg somewhat to her left to finish hatching. It had begun cracking three impressions ago. The pieces of shell finally began to fall, and a light blue issued forth. Laikana? "yes Inolith?" Do these pieces have to be picked up too? the light blue asked, nudging the bits of his shell

The next egg snapped open decisively to reveal a dark brown. "I know who I want to take me home. I know who I want to take me home. I know who I want to take me home, take me home." [Semisonic - "Closing Time"] the brown seemed to sing as he approached the candidate of his choice. "Lets' go home, Sereminth." Vaneri said, smiling fondly at her dragon.

"Because I'm thinking about a brand new hope, the one I've never known, cause now I know it's all that I wanted." [Green Day -"Macy's Day Parade"] Vaerra seemed a bit distracted by the lyrics, and didn't really see the light green approach her. I know what I want, Vaerra. the green purred. "You... want me, Rhayyth?" Yes.

Andal watched in disbelief as a newly hatched brown advanced on him, eyes whirling. "This is the greatest thing, the greatest thing since bread came sliced" [REM - "Imitation of Life"] Andal thought this was silly. Sliced bread? Oleath thought it was great too.

The largest remaining egg broke open with an eye-catching flash of bronze. "I can guarantee you won't find nobody else like me." [Uncle Kracker - "Follow Me"], Sh'vo the bronze said, surprisingly melodic. "Well sung, Kozanth." The harper smiled.

The last egg took veritable ages to crack, leaving nine candidates breathless. When the light brown emerged, not a one dared to breathe. The beautiful semi-feline Trici had to fight back a smile as a lyric came to mind "It's all she loves, it's all she hates, It's all too much for her to take." [Beth Hart - "LA Song"] it was silly. Browns weren't female. No, we're not. the light brown admitted. Will you have me anyway, Trici? "Oh yes, Mikanth..." she purred - literally.

The candidates were about to start filing out when Zheyth moved through the empty shells and unearthed one more egg. It split there between her paws. The new gold stepped forward, spreading her wings. "One light, one mind, flashing in the dark, blinded by the silence of a thousand broken hearts." [Green Day - "Minority"] "Vimarlith?" Fyrea whispered, and the hatchling trumpeted. Fyrea!

Mashon (M'shon) & Blue Shath
Tauryn & Light Green Lovanith
Floren (L'ren) & Blue Zaerth
Viresa & Light Gold Xiorayith
Ejelitha & Light Blue Arweth
Zandra & Green Nith
Felio'meh & Light Bronze Tiassath
Keylyn & Light Blue Sekayth
Ealyn & Light Brown Ngith
Laikana & Light Blue Inolith
Vaneri & Brown Sereminth
Vaerra & Light Green Rhayyth
Andal (A'dal) & Brown Oleath
Shanvo (Sh'vo) & Bronze Kozanth
Trici & Light Brown Mikanth
Fyrea & Gold Vimarlith

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