Ryslen - Hatching 8

Hatching #8

Pale Green Alinth & Deep Blue Lith

“Can you believe how thick that fog is, Acro?” R’pton asked his weyrmate as they looked out at the Weyrbowl from the weyr they’d shared the whole time they’d been at Ryslen Weyr. A’finar came up behind his lover encircling his arms about the shorter rider’s shoulders and chuckled as he looked out at the fog which was red in color because of the night as it neared midnight in that part of the world.

“Real number the weather’s doing on this Weyr, nearly a month ago it was a blizzard during the Flurry Flight now we have this fog as thick as a watch-wher’s hide!” Both riders sighed and shivered against the cold air that surrounded Ryslen. A sly smirk crossed the green rider’s features as they shivered again and A’finar gently tugged R’pton backwards towards the inner Weyr.

A’finar? R’pton? Both rider’s staggered as their dragons interrupted the journey to the bed. What is it, beautiful? A’finar tried to keep the grumbling away from his lovely green. The Alinth seemed to snicker at the trouble she’d caused just by calling out his name You seem disappointed in the fact that we would call on you to watch our eggs hatch. A’finar chuckled while R’pton seemed to panic.

“Lith haven’t you two told the Weyrling Master? The Weyrleaders? The candidates? Anybody besides us?!?!” We’ll inform them as you come to us. In the mean time, be ready to play a game of Hide N’ Find the midnight blue replied to his rider. The duo sighted with a chuckle and headed down towards the hatching grounds.

“Another game of Hide N’ Find, great,” Tiyanni chuckled as the two riders arrived to find the sands covered in a lighter version of the fog that was outside. Both rider’s looked at it wide eyed.

“How?” A’finar started and the silvering Weyrwoman shook with held in mirth as she pointed to the entry way to the sands from the Weyrbowl.

“It was bound to happen one time or another,” she replied and then turned back to the hatching ground squinting slightly, “So where are your dragons in there anyway, Fog’s a little to thick wherever they’re hiding.” As if on cue a tenor and a soprano voice started up a jaunty tune and the heads of the sire and dame appeared out of the mist, upon their snouts two green fire lizards brought their voices into the act. They flapped their wings twice sending the fog swirling and creating an eerie presence. A few awed gasps at the event which had unfolded told the riders that the candidates had arrived to witness it.

“Aski! Citren! Would you please come down here, that’s enough goofing off for you two, we don’t need you hyper before we go back to sleep,” R’pton chuckled up at the two greens they’d gotten from a clutch at Turasake Hold; They’d caused quite a bit of ruckus for the weyrfolk and each and every candidate alike, especially those candidates with fire lizards. Still humming the fire lizards did as commanded winging their way to their masters’ shoulders, Aski to R’pton and Citren to A’finar.

The stands were no sooner filled than there was a cracking sound directly in the mists of the grouping of candidates, all male at Alinth’s request. The fog hid the hatchling well though shards of the shell announce that indeed the young dragon was out. The glowing of swirling red and blues eyes alerted the eight candidates that stood there that the dragon was watching.

Wow, mama, you were right! They’re all males! And they don’t care that I’m a green right Dr’lum? My mama’s very smart there, nothing like your brother, who says that having a green makes you attracted to males. If you’re attracted to males you were attracted before our meeting that’s my motto! The elegant jade green head of the hatchling rose above the low, light cloud which covered the hatching ground, she looked the young man straight in the eye and he chuckled, “You’re right there, Ajaminth.”

With a hiss the sound of shattering eggs took all eyes off the first to impress. It was at this time that two young men rushed onto the hatching grounds. R’pton arched an eyebrow at two handsome young man while A’finar addressed them in his cool yet flirtatious way.

“The seats for the spectators are up there, lads,” he smiled winking roguishly at them, “The stairs are right behind you.”

“They’re here to try and impress, A’finar,” Searchrider J’rin announced as he traipsed in through the entrance his blue Amitath following him closely behind until Lith eyed the blue hard. Tiyanni gave a nod of approval as the fog was swirled about as if by a ghost dragon’s tail.

Ghost? Me? I’m just Niyanth… Tell them, K’bel… by the way, how do I get out of this stuff… fog you call it?

“Lift your head,” the smith replied. Balls of laughter caught the late night spectators by surprise as a long white tail was raised from the fog. Ow, raising my head hurts! “Niyanth, that’s you’re tail your raising and your head you’re pushing into the sands.” For a moment the newly impressed rider disappeared then once again reappeared with the head of a small blue cradled in his arms as he dusted the red hatching sands off his face.

While this was happening Alinth nosed something forward, the tip of which could be seen by all who took the time to look. That’s one big egg love, size of a bronze hatchling! A’finar commented to his ivory-green dragon. No sooner had the egg been settled the oblong shaped object shattered.

FREE FREE FREE FREE! a small brown hatchling shouted as he ran in circles on the sands and both his parents looked at him for a moment in surprise. It was Lith who stopped the hyperactive dragonet by putting his nose in front of him causing the brown to have his claws dig into the sand. Impress him then have your fun. Lith told his son in all seriousness, the blue had never liked browns since he’d hatched but seemed to be tolerating this one. The brown dashed over to the new arrivals and started running circles around the one he wanted.

H’sh, com’on! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! I wanna eat eat eat eat eat! “Slow down, Wavkokith… I can tell you’re going to be a handful.” Ignoring his rider for the moment Wavkokith turned back to where he’d hatched.Come on brother! You should impress too. We hatch from the same egg and you have to be slower than me.

I’m not slow, I’m just patient another brown rose from where his twin brother and himself had hatched. Lith seemed to actually smile at this brown, he was very respectable, not the terror Wavkokith would be. The brown gave a respectful nod to his parents before turning towards the remaining seven candidates. The small brown was quick to choose and sat down in front of his rider to be. We will have to keep an eye on our brothers, eh, O’sh? “I guess so, Wimkukith.”

There was a sligh wince at the two newest candidates becoming dragonriders almost immediately after arriving. That meant at least one of them wouldn’t impress! Don’t worry so, D’rel, you won’t be lonely, you are my friend for life from here on out, the young man in question suddenly found a large lime colored green in front of him and actually, while sitting upright, was only a hand spand taller than her rider, I’m Dihedrath!

The audience had no time to hear what the new green rider’s reply was as the fog was stirred once again by dragonets rolling from their eggs. It was a blue which found himself in the world and he looked about curiously before turning his eyes to the candidates. The dragonet chirped as he spotted the one he wanted.

I believe you, Mortendar! I’ll help you defeat those defeat those dark clouds weather it be by mind or by flame! I am Kashith! the young blue stated in and excited yet some how serious voice. He snapped open his wings showing the darkness that was there as he got up it was evident that he was one of Ryslen’s noble Nights. Mortendar looked as if he skin tone wasn’t so pale anymore as he walked off with his night blue.

Another green was soon seen coming through the fog looking a little frightened. Spotting the candidates she shrank back. They won’t hurt you, Alinth rumbled nuzzling her small forest colored daughter, You can feel he’s there, can’t you? Go on, he’s the only one you’ll ever need.

Except during my flights? the little green asked cluelessly of her mother causing Alinth some embarrassment though she nodded her great light green head. The dragonet nodded and her rainbow eyes watched the young men who could not take their eyes off her. Carefully she walked over to the men and cautiously made her way through the men to one who stood near the back.

Q’ay, there’s a few too many scary things here for me… can we get away from these non-dragonriders and this scary thing you seem to call fog? Q’ay looked at the green who only came up to his shoulder and blinked before turning soft towards the frightened hatchling, “Of course, Thiuth. We’ll get you some food… you’re not afraid of that too?” I’m not sure, it will probably depend on what it looks like when I see it. the green replied.

The last two eggs shattered causing a geen and a blue to tumble to the ground and for a time vanish into the fog. The duo righted themselves and the went into hushed silence. There before them sat miniature versions of the sire and dame of the clutch, a very light almost ivory tinted green and a midnight blue both of the standard full green and full blue type to be hatched on Ryslen sands. Neither was a Night or a Light like the two blues before them yet were still beautiful and handsome like their parents.

The green was first to move and stood on her hind legs at eye level with her chosen rider, Will you write about this as well, D'ier? the green asked placing her paw on the recorder’s writing hand. “Of course, Elkinorith, I’d have it no other way,” the newly green rider smiled.

The midnight blue bounced up and down on the balls of his feet as he watched his smaller sister impress. With a woof, the standard size blue trotted over to the two men left standing and had his head sway back and forth as he looked about. His head suddenly stopped, cocked slightly at one of the men, Will you teach me about the stars too, Sh’on? The young man blinked in surprise as the question. “I’ll do my best to show you all the stars, Reyth.” He replied.

One candidate was left standing and visibly disappointed though he could never say so out loud, even if he wanted to. As Tobias was about to leave Lith’s large blue claw came down blocking his exit. The mute looked up at the blue who was mock glaring at his mate. Alinth rumbled and folded her wings and preceded to pick something up with both her claws.

“You little wherries you knew there was another egg!” A’finar chided both dragons; the green merely smirked. Shards of shell rain down upon the last candidate who could make no sound. A head just as green as her mother’s hide peaked over her mother’s claws and down at Tobias. There you are, T’bias! Mother put me down! the green growled though she nuzzled her mother as she was brought closer to the ground.

As the green leapt to the ground the fact that her lower half was black didn’t pace a soul in the hatching ground, a night green had joined the ranks! Her demeanor showed her aggressiveness as well she spoke it. She had a gentle side though that was sure by her reactions to her mother and to her rider. Do not worry I will be your voice now. Attention, everyone! I am night green Merrameth and this is my rider T’bias. she nodded to her rider and he smiled showing her the way through the fog off to her first meal.

“Well I think that was pretty successful,” A’finar smiled and Tiyanni chuckled at the odd man.

OK, off the sands Alinth! You too Lith! came the voice of one of the watching dragons.

Yeah, the sands are ours now.

I have to go!

“We haven’t even cleared off the sands and you three want to lay them this minute?” Tiyanni chuckled as a white a white gold and a light green landed on the sands startling the sire and dame of the recently hatched clutch.

I still say this is my clutch

Oh drop It, Oroth!

Dr'lum (Drilum) and Green Ajaminth
K'bel (Karribel) and Light Blue Niyanth
H'sh (Haesh) Chanay and Brown Wavkokith
O'sh (Olash) Chanay and Brown Wimkukith
D'rel (Darel) and Green Dihedrath
Mortendar and Night Blue Kashith
Q'ay (Quay) and green Thiuth
D'ier (Waadier) and Green Elkinorith
Sh'on (Shason) and Blue Reyth
T'bias (Tobias) and Night Green Merrameth

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