Ryslen - Hatching D

Hatching "D"

Black Duskannyranwalatath and Blue Scith

The black dragoness Duskannyranwalatath was smiling smugly as the flurry Queens one by one explored the sands. They would likely begin clutching in the next day, and with more of them than hours in the day, every square meter of sand would likely be utilized. With a joyful heart, the dark queen with yellow tipped wings sent her blue mate to round up the spectators and candidates - especially the candidates – and set about rearranging the eggs, which quietly protested to being moved.

They had come, some human, some humanoid, and some decidedly not. The strangest in the bunch was clearly Kendarvavtreifrinseicharth, a trio-winged aquatic mutant from Cathair Fionabhainn. Needless to say, J’lenn was not pleased about the people who had been chosen to stand for the clutch his dragon had sired. But with Red and the others he sat back to watch the hatching.

It came as quite a surprise to everyone – Red included – that there were thirteen eggs, not twelve. I thought you said there were a dozen eggs. the vixen sent to her bond.

There are a dozen, love. A baker’s dozen. Dusky sent back, leaving Raesa Thera Ella Radley to laugh aloud. There were fifteen candidates present – no matter.

The first egg to hatch revealed a subdued brown, which would have given ol’ J’lenn something to grin about – his blue siring a brown – had the young dragon not stepped from the fragments of his shell to reveal that his color shaded to a shining silver, as the Lights shaded to white, and the Nights shaded to black.

J’lenn roared. “Scith! You sharding beast! How could you sire that?! Your mother was a…”

He was interrupted mid rant by a calm, yet powerful voice. “J’lenn.”

The searchrider turned to see Tiyanni behind him. “I would watch who else’s parentage you’re insulting when you’re angry.” She didn’t need to say any more. The great golden Litayth was clutch-sibling of his blue, afterall.

The brown-silver dragon carefully made his way across the sands to one of the winged candidates, and looked up at him. I am called Amudiith. He said, and the Griff looked down at him and smiled. Mraz had impressed.

The second egg, with little fanfare, split. The inhabitant’s silver hindquarters were immediately visible, and as the little dragon wriggled free, her coloring lightened, but the reflective sheen stayed. Her hide dried quickly, showing her to be light silver shading into darker silver. Gorgeous. She turned towards a candidate with a very recognizable name, who would soon be grinning. Twille, my name is… The planet hopper finished for her. “Lycoristh.”

The third dragon hatched out of her shell with more force than the first two, not waiting or letting anything get into her way. The cream-silver threw open her wings, and took charge. Literally. Digging her paws into the fine red sands, she raced towards her chosen, the Griff Sala. “Isidith!” she laughed, sidestepping her dragon’s charge.

The next egg shattered almost violently, and a dark purple-silver hatchling, wary of her surroundings, appeared. A born fighter, perhaps? She headed towards a tall off-world female – who was, to J’lenn’s slight relief – human. “Ravielath.” Lethe said, accepting the shiny dragonet.

The next egg revealed a second cream-silver, identical in coloration to her sibling. It could be thought, with the pale color and metallic qualities, that she was a Danachian Starry, but to Kendarv’ it didn’t matter. He thought she was beautiful. Of course, she laughed. Kendarvavtreifrinseicharth, you chose enough name for the both of us. I am Treifrinseth…

A red-silver came crashing out of his egg and - true to his coloring – was quite feisty. I’ll take you all together! I’ll take you all apart! he roared. Andy laughed. “There’s plenty of time for that later, Nilmarith.”

A second silver-silver came out of the egg, this one larger in the shoulders and chest, strong and decidedly male. He turned his rainbow faceted eyes towards the Danachian Ketrenal, but did not see him. He walked right past - so close the ex-copperrider could have touched the silver dragon if he had wanted to. The dragon walked directly to the elf Syrj’raenen, and named himself Kelqasuth. Of course, Ts’yanos glared, and Ketrenal was numbed.

“What do you want to bet they’re all half silver?” Someone said from the crowd.

“No bet, numbskull. When they’ve coloring like this, they’re all going to match.” Someone else said.

“They’re decidedly not Lights or Nights.” K’el said to Jeyann, grinning.

“No, they’re not.” She replied with an identical grin.

“What should they be called.”

"Twilight.” J’lenn said gruffly, crossing his arms. “It may as well rhyme.”

The eighth egg had quietly shattered, and a purple-silver dragon slunk out. The newly dubbed Twilight looked around, and then made for the exit just as someone came in. Kimre, I am Nuarth. That pretty much ended that little thief’s days.

Another purple-silver followed, shaking out her glimmering duo-tone wings. Doubt not, Kahj-leil… The doubting dreamer looked to the dragon, whose wings bore similar coloring to the illusory ones she had just lost. “Vatan’aeith…” she said, tears springing to her eyes.

The tenth egg sprang open, and the third Twilight Silver made her way into the welcoming world. Shining like starflowers at night, she made her choice – of course choosing on the one female who would likely make that comparison – the incomparable Sheba Karashinu. The winged anthro tigress was startled, surprised, honored, perhaps. “Delararith.”

Another egg wobbled and broke, tipping out another Twilight Red, leaving two eggs unhatched. He drew the eye of a magic-wielding, dimension hopping male, and struck a pose – just this once. “Oh knock it off, Zeveryth.” Arisen said, and that was that!

The last two eggs raced to hatch before the other, and to the surprise of none, knocked together and spilled two snarling red-silver beasts onto the red sands. Ts’yanos cheered them on, and Ashton wanted them to stop. One pulled away, leaving the other to snarl at himself. He walked gingerly towards the winged tiger-wolf. Ashton Karashinu, I am Tiniodith.

Ts’yanos wasn’t pleased. “You could’ve taken him, Athlukeith!” he roared, and the red-silver roared back. It is not the time, and he is not my enemy! The elf-dragon hybrid felt drawn towards him – a kinship, perhaps, between dragon and dragon. Call it what you will. I am your dragon, and you are my rider. More importantly, we are one.

J’lenn, of course, was fuming. He was always fuming, but there were some who joked about smoke pouring out of his ears. “I cannot believe this.” He growled.

Red scooted closer to him so they touched. “Don’t worry about the dragons, J’lenn. They will take care of themselves, with their riders to help. Besides. You’ve other things to think about right now.”

J’lenn stared at the pretty fox out of narrowed eyes. “Like what?”

“Like what to name our daughter.”

Mraz and Twilight Brown Amudiith
Planet Hopper Twille and Twilight Silver (f) Lycoristh
Sala and Twilight Cream Isidith
Lethe and Twilight Purple Ravielath
Kendarvavtreifrinseicharth and Twilight Cream Treifrinseth
Andy and Twilight Red Nilmarith
Syrj'raenen and Twilight Silver (m) Kelqasuth
Kimre and Twilight Purple Nuarth
Kahj-leil and Twilight Purple Vatan'aeith
Sheba Karashinu and Twilight Silver (f) Delararith
Arisen and Twilight Red Zeveryth
Ashton Karashinu and Twilight Red Tiniodith
Ts'yanos and Twilight Red Athlukeith

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