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Wing Lists

Here, you'll find all of Stardust's resident Wings.
Yes, some of our riders have bonded more than one dragon, and we do have a few rare white, black, and shimmer dragons.


Queen's Wing
Rank Rider Name Gender Dragon Headshot
Weyrwoman Leikani Female Gold Alath  
Senior Goldrider Helai Female Gold Dyneeth
Junior Goldrider Quatiia Female Gold Kalysith
Goldrider Eonlieys Female Gold Rayonuth


First Wing

Rank Name Gender Dragon Headshot
Weyrleader T'lsar Male Bronze Thrith
Wingsecond V'kar Male Bronze Briyeroth
Wingsecond G'ih Male Brown Loutanyth
Wingsecond C'jarli Male Brown Chonth
Wingthird K'liar Male Brown Delumyth
Wingrider/Search Rider R'tilay Male Blue Orrilith
Wingrider/Search Rider F'kol Male Blue Imqueith
Wingrider L'piran Male Blue Quairith
Wingrider Samytia Female Green Aweneth
Wingrider Lyeuld Female Green Umverith
Wingrider Orctia Female Green Sameuth
Wingrider/Search Rider Kacera Female Green Enomth


Second Wing

Rank Name Gender Dragon Headshot
Wingleader Dr'kon Male Bronze Alaukath
Wingsecond J'el Male White Ormeceraith
Wingthird G'rey Male Bronze Tibanith
Wingrider I'ulin Male Brown Notoreth
Wingrider W'lfio Male Brown Variojunoth
Wingrider C'ayr Male Brown Stoendeth
Wingrider J'leel Male Blue Jhaakth
Wingrider/Searchrider Z'aic Male Blue Argaranth
Wingrider/Searchrider D'ny Male Dark Blue Yenoth
Wingrider Pandora Female Green Euth
Wingrider/Searchrider Drakena Female Green Delilith
Wingrider/Search Rider Bambi Female Green Mysnoth


Third Wing

Rank Name Gender Dragon Headshot
Wingleader Q'am Male Bronze Inarisuth
Wingsecond Y'ron Male Black Utumith
Wingsecond C'loud Male Shimmer White Brenaleth
Wingrider O'ldt Male Blue Hatemoth
Wingrider Avory Female Green Rakareyth
Wingrider Uskal Female Green Aelorath
Wingrider Memory Female Shimmer Green Tokamath


White Rock Weyr

Rank Name Gender Dragon Headshot
Queen Mauo Female Gold Ryninth
Wingleader F'sire Male Bronze Fiventhath
Wingthird U'myc Male Brown Pesilath
Wingrider Th'gis Male Brown Thrikath
Wingrider Kr'ianh Male Blue Khalzoit
Wingrider Li'an Male Blue Lath
Wingrider G'sline Male Blue Gjinolath
Wingrider Ch'din Male Blue Carthijth
Wingrider O'dar Male Blue Oslioyth
Wingrider R'yac [Deceased] Male Blue Rivianth [Deceased]
Wingrider Nalasia Female Green Nanianth
Wingrider Oshiurua Female Green Oireviath
Wingrider Kininge Female Green Kicoth
Wingrider Lyestai Female Green Lafemiath
Wingrider G'hu Male Green Gyresth


Riderless Dragon/Sponsor Wing
Rank Sponsor Gender Dragon Headshot
Dragonleader Y'ron Male Bronze Numoth  
Wingsecond Y'ron Male [Female] Bronze Sivinnth
Wingthird J'el Male Shimmer Brown Illar'orani
Wingrider J'el Male Shimmer Brown Rith
Wingrider     Brown Varshith
Wingrider     Blue Vashith
Wingrider     Green Poisiionth
Wingrider     White Danth
Wingrider     Green Lauth
Wingrider     Green Onuyeth