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I have been a member of GOF since December of 2000, and I would like to express my appreciation to this wonderful group for letting me become a member of it. I have met many wonderful people and have found hours of enjoyment reading other members pages and signing guestbooks, and creating Special Occasion pages for its members.

The Garden of Friendship just celebrated their 8th Year by having a birthday bash entitled "Pieces of Eight". I want to thank our Founder - Deelight - for having a vision come true and allowing so many all around the world unite and share our lives.

birdlady memorialLady Starlite Memorial

These beautiful ladies have gone on to the Ever Blooming Garden in the Sky We will never forget you!

I received this Award in July 2005. Working with Lorri in the Adoptions committee is alot of fun, and she's a terrific CL. Thank you for letting me participate in the Adoption Committee

I received the first ACL of the Month Award on August 18th, 2005, and the second one in April 2006. Thank you so MUCH Garden Keepers!! I will admit to being quite shocked but so pleasantly surprised. The Tournament Committee is a fun loving group and we have alot of great times with friendly competition. If you've never participated in one of the sponsored Tournaments, please do! You will not regret the fun!!

I received this award in September 2005. I was so totally shocked to receive this award. Thank you so very much. I am very proud of this wonderful Appreciation Award.

December 12, 2005. Leanne's Anniversary (??), and yet I got a most special gift in my email tonight. To those involved, you will never know how much this "award" has touched me. If I could create the most beautiful award in the world, it would be to my very special friends who make my life so rewarding. God Bless! HUGS

Thank you Garden Keepers for this Award. The Birthday Battles turned out to be a very successful tournament and I must thank my Committee and all of GOF for that *S* hugs

I am also a member of the TagginTime and the TNT Fun Groups.
GOF TNT Committee Results


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I am redoing my website as I am running out of space. Please forgive the broken links and images.

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Received from Membership Pride Committee 5/1/04 THANK YOU!!

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