Thunderbolts: The Origin of the Thunderbolts!

Thunderbolts '97

"The Origin of the Thunderbolts!" (1997/08/01) from Thunderbolts ’97 (August 1997)
Reprinted in Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning and in Thunderbolts 100

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Citizen V (Zemo), Jolt, MACH-1, Meteorite (Moonstone), Songbird, Techno

Summary: The story behind the T-Bolts’ creation is told on two levels: A history lesson for Jolt from Citizen V, counterpointed with the real events that led the Masters of Evil to masquerade as heroes.

Appearances from Angar the Screamer, the Armadillo, Daredevil, Hydro-Man, Kaine, Madcap, Mandrill, Orka, the Radioactive Man, Speed Demon, the U-Foes and the Wizard.

Continuity: Chapter 1 and the last two pages of Chapter 8 form a framing sequence. The flashback sequence, beginning with Chapter 2, finds the Masters of Evil just prior to "Onslaught" (1996/11/01). Chapter 6 is concurrent with "Onslaught". Chapter 7 takes place shortly afterwards, and includes appearances from Speed Demon and the Radioactive Man.

Comments: This fun event is told in "Justice Society" format, with a framing sequence wrapped around a chapter devoted to each character’s recruitment. Several artists are at work, each bringing their unique style to the hero/villain of the moment. There are lots of funny counterpoints between Zemo’s story and the truth. My favorite: Citizen V’s phony explanation of Meteorite’s powers ("She was a…New Age philosophy expert, who’d been suffused with an extra-terrestrial energy during a harmonic convergence…" LOL!)

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