Thunderbolts: Scene from Wiser Times Man, now *I* want super powers!, from Cable 55

Scene from "Wiser Times" (1998/06/02) from Cable 55 (June 1998)

Thunderbolts Interest: Low

Summary: On the evening before his next job, a hired killer (his name is Blockade, although that is not disclosed here) bunks with Jim Sanders in Sanders' Bronx apartment.

Continuity: Pages 12-13 only. Sanders is free and does not appear to be in hiding. He discusses how his association with "the Syndicate" is "old news", and notes that the Beetle has gone straight "--sort of." No information is provided on how Sanders knows Blockade -- and Sanders' brief appearance has absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the story.

Comments: An odd and irritating comic. For most of the book we're focused on Cable sitting in a diner, drinking a cup of coffee and chatting up the waitress -- it's not as exciting as it sounds. Blockade is not named here, and his association with Sanders will never be explained.

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