Two issues, two artists, two looks, from Quicksilver 8-9 "Rescue Mission(s)!" Quicksilver 8 (June 1998)
"Escape from the Savage Land!" Quicksilver 9 (July 1998)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: The High Evolutionary is working in the Savage Land, where experiments with "Isotope E" have gotten a bit out of hand. The Acolytes recruit a band of evil mutants to join them in a mission to kill the Evolutionary. Quicksilver and the Knights of Wundagore fly to the rescue, aided by Lord Anon.

The Acolytes are Cortez, Decay, Exodus, Gargouille, Projector, and Scanner. They are joined by Avalanche, Fenris, Feral, Omega Red, Pyro, and Random.

Continuity: Andrea and Andreas find themselves abandoned in the Savage Land with several of the other mutant baddies. No explanation is provided on how they make it back to civilization. It's a long walk. The two-issue story is drawn by two different artists, who choose to place the twins in two different sets of costumes -- and hair styles!.

Comments: Here is an example of how an uninterested writer can completely devalue a character. Omega Red, who took down the X-Men virtually single-handed back in "The Resurrection and the Flesh" (1992/02/01) is portrayed here as an oaf who can't withstand an attack from a band of talking animals. The story is lively, but cluttered.

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