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Picking your BRIDESMAIDS gowns - styles and colour to suit
The following pictures are posed by professional models, so bear in mind that body shapes and colouring havent been used for these photographed gowns.

The bridesmaids should be dressed to complement what the bride wears - not necessarily the same - but their gowns need to fit in with the theme the bride has chosen.  The bride should consider the skintones of the bridesmaids when selecting the colours she would like in her wedding party. And those colours need to complement the "white" tone she has chosen.
Again body shapes of the girls needs to be considered also, when choosing styles for the gown.
So if the bride is wearing a gown in a theme like - elegant, classic, traditional, western, or whatever, the bridesmaids frocks need to fit in as well.

Often when looking at photos one can see that in some wedding parties, the white the bride wears if not the best one for her, and often the bridesmaids dresses stand out more than the bride because of colour tones chosen.  Icy whites need to have sharp colours to complement and the ivory/creamy whites need softer tones to complement.

Following are some photos I found of bridesmaids frocks available in stores - I would have liked a larger selection to illustrate, but at this stage, this is what I have.

MAKEUP shades check out makeup site.
BODY SHAPES check out Body shape site.

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These black and white bridesmaids frocks are striking, but would need to be worn by ladies who are COOL in skin tone, and with a bride wearing an icy white or a winter white gown. 
Makeup would need to suit the ladies skin tones, but would need to be deeper to complement the black.
Plum or Burgundy shades suit a COOL skin tone - those who fall into the COOL & DEEP category.
These colours complement soft or winter white.
PURPLE is really a COOL  colour and would complement the icy white of a brides frock.
Some purple shades would suit soft or winter white, but not the ivory or cream tones. (the bridesmaids will stand out more than the bride).
Cools who are  Clear, Cool, Soft and Deep tones.

There are some shades of Purple that suit some WARM tones, so check out fabric stores and compare the tones.
TEAL blue can be worn by those with COOL skin tones in the Clear, Cool and Deep catergories.
Shoes need to be be toned in with the frocks.  White shoes dont really suit.
This colour complements a sharp white bridal gown, and in some Teal tones, a soft or winter white as well.
OLIVE green is a colour suitable only for those with WARM skin tones, and complements a bride wearing cream , ivory , soft gold or milky coffee coloured bridal gown.  If the bridesmaids are of a WARM tone this colour is very striking
Especially suits women who are coloured as Springs or Autumns.
This colour would make a cool person lookly sickly, and drained

Make sure shoes tone in with the frocks, either dyed to match, or in a deep pewter shade.
This Pewter to Khaki colour only suits women who have WARM skin tones - mostly coloured as an Autumn.  This shade would complement a bride wearing ivory or cream only.
A beauiful off white to cream gown to suit a younger bridesmaid   This would complement a bride wearing the same shade or a lovely Cream, Ivory, or Soft White gown.  Complemented with gold toned flowers, the bridal party in these tones would be very striking.
Would suit those COOLS who lean towards the Neutral side of the skin tone, but is better not to be worn by anyone who is a CLEAR, DEEP or  COOL skintone.

This Cream gown has a gold embossed pattern on bodice top and a soft creamy overlay.
Would suit those more in WARM skintones than those with COOL skintones.

If you really want these colours in your bridal party, the makeup colours would have to be adjusted to suit skintones of the ladies.
Many brides choose floral fabric for their attendants and these can make the whole effect wonderful.

This one here is quite NEUTRAL and with the right makeup could be worn by those in the SOFT, and NEUTRAL skin tones.
SOFT PINK gowns should be worn by those with a COOL skintone and look better on a BLONDE.
Complement brides wearing soft white or winter white (not icy).

RED gowns would suit an elegant themed wedding, and there are reds that suit both warm and cool skin tones.
This red here is definitely a COOL one and can be worn by women with darker hair and Cool, Clear and Deep skin tones.

This particular shade would complement a bride wearing icy or clear crisp white.
If the bride chose a soft white, the bridesmaid would overpower the theme.
A shade of blue called Periwinkle
suits most colour complexions except those who are from the real Warm tones.
Would complement a bride in soft, winter, or icy white.
Some warmer periwinkles would be with cream and ivory.

Clear Red as a shade suits both Cool and Warm complexions if they are inclined to suit red.
Mostly on the Neutral side of each colour tone.
Suits the white of the bride in tones of ice, clear, soft, winter whites.
Soft light blue gowns by Alfred Angelo, USA.  Made in various colours, and for various sizes and body shapes. Crepe tiara, and chiffon.
Lovely 2 piece in Magenta from Davids Bridal, USA
3 designs, 3 colours from Silhouette, USA
Perhaps something here could be a style you could take to the dressmaker or a friend who is making your gown, as a start to something you dream about.  They are only suggestions to make you think and ...........dream .
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