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                                              BRIDAL BOUQUETS

Flowers are an an important wedding accessory.  In keeping with tradition, they should enhance the bride's gown, complement her beauty, and be an integral part of creating a romantic image.
Traditionally the bridal bouquet was white, but  some of todays brides like to include colour in their bouquets.
With the help of a professional, todays bride can discover new ideas for bouquets and colour co-ordinated flowers for the rest of the bridal party, for the church and in decorating the reception venue.

In choosing flowers, consideration needs to be given to the style of the wedding gown and even the fabric.  The complexion of say, a rose or camellia, would complement a silk taffeta gown, or for a dress of silk organza, a cloud of gypsophila would create a diaphanous touch of lightness to extend the effect of the gown.
Tall brides can have a wonderful waterfall of flowers whereas a petite bride would look better with a delicate old fashioned arrangement of miniature roses to suit her size. Another consideration also is the colour of the bridal gown (the 'white'), and the skin tone, and hair colour.  The bridesmaids dress and colours of the bouquet should work harmoniously.
This beautiful arrangment has been made with wild flowers from Western Australia.  It goes well with the soft or winter white  bridal gown and would complement bridesmaids in pink, wine or plum colours.
This beautifully colour co-ordinated bouquet  of fresh Australian flowers was chosen by a dark haired bride who had her bridesmaids dressed in multi-coloured gowns from the same colour ranges. It was so beautiful.
The classically cut wedding gown with fitted bodice and full skirt is highlighted by a large, rounded, all rose posy held at the waist or slightly to one side.
A beautiful style of bouquet.
The uncluttered line of this all rose posy provides an elegant foil for an extravagantly cut gown featuring lavish fabric and fine detailing.
For an icy white gown, this beautiful bouquet of trailing  white orchids is spectacular.
Beautiful pink orchids set this icy white gown off very well.
A large bouquet of wonderful flowers.
An armspray or loose natural sheaf of gently-coloured flowers with delicate foliages will enhance romantic, slender gowns and filmy fabrics.
A simple lean gown will take a full, lush round bouquet made with large vibrant flowers and tropical foliages.
Brightly coloured fabrics and prints can be eye catching when carefully teamed with bold flowers and their striking colour perfectly matching and reflecting the vibrancy of the fabrics.  For a bridesmaid.
White on white is stunning as the different textured flowers complement the embossed satin and chiffon creating a traditional and romantic appearance.
An effective combination of glossy tropical leaves enhances the gold satin, roses reflect the intricacy of the lace and sunflowers add light complementing the overall modern theme.
A selection of various pink flowers match beautifully with the raw silk, creating a dreamy and delicate bridesmaid arm bouquet.  Choice of foliage is important so as to enhance, not overbear, either the flowers or the fabric.
Large white flowers in large bouquets, complement the bridal white and the bridesmaids outfits in these striking and different  arrangements.
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