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Veils were originally worn as a gesture of modesty, but their main purpose now, is to act as a flattering frame for the face.

They are usually circular or oval and come in various lengths - from short face veils to cathedral veils as long as your train.  Veils can be edged with lace, scalloping or satin ribbon.  Sometimes seed pearls or sequins are sewn on to give a scattering effect. 

If you choose a lace trim, make sure the lace on your veil does not clash with the lace on your dress - one way to avoid that would be to choose a veil with a fluted edge.  Here I have illustrations of hats, veils, and headpieces, to weave your dreams around ...

Traditionally, a headpiece and veil go best with classic gowns.  Many brides like to wear a hat.

If you are the sophisticated type and having a late afternoon ceremony you may like a little cocktail hat.  If you are young and planning an early morning wedding, choose a romantic hat trimmed with ribbon and french veiling.
A white pillbox with veiling at the back looks wonderful when worn with a classic sheath. A wide brimmed hat is flattering on the face and looks great with a victorian or edwardian style gown.
If you dont like hats, and dont want to wear a veil, loop some imitation pearls through your hair, or wear a circlet of fresh flowers.  The bridal gown needs the finishing touch of something on the head.
Select a headpiece that continues a theme from your gown.  If rich in details, you can safely wear an elaborate headpiece. 

If gown understated, a simple head piece is best. The gown and headpice should look as if they were designed together.  If gown is sequinned or pearled, the headpiece should follow the same trim.

You must consider your face, figure and length of hair.
A long face will be abbreviated by a hat with a wide brim and low crown.

You can lengthen a round face with a pillbox or a high tiara. 
If you are short stay away from billowy veils. Instead try a wreath of silk or real flowers.
For short hair try a juliet cap or floral wreath.
A lace mantilla or tiara will suit any length hair.
Many brides prefer fresh flowers, either in a whole or half circlet.
A tiara of flowers can be attached to a hair comb or threaded randomly through the hair.
Before you make a choice about flowers talk with a hairdresser who may suggest some adaptations.  Experiment at home with some combs, veilling and imitation flowers.
A few tiny flowers such as Stephanotis or Jasmine tucked in your hair looks wonderfull through a film of veiling.

For your wedding you will want your flowers in your headpiece to be smaller and daintier than the flowers in your bouquet but in the same colour tones.

Ask your Florist what she suggests.
Delicate porcelain roses and gold filigree work - beautiful !
Crystal and pearl crown with miniture roses
Gold and Pearls in a coronet shape
White satin roses with pearls
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