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Margaret's Pages - Fashion for Plus-size ladies
We don't all have perfect bodies. No matter what size we are, we can look stunning with a little effort, and wardrobe planning.
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Do you want to look fabulous? - stand up straight.  By doing this you are squaring off your shoulders, pulling in your stomach, and lengthening  the line of the body ---  you will look thinner!

Dark colours, head to toe, give the illusion of  being slimmer.  Match hosiery to hemline and shoe colour for a better look.   Sheer nude hosiery will slim the legs, more than wearing white or bright coloured hose.  Dark hosiery with dark clothes looks best.
Be fitted for a bra that fits you. Control undergarments and pantyhose work to give a slimmer, smoother line.

Some camisoles and t-shirts have inner bust support for
the larger-sized bustline.
Think twice before tucking in any clothing.   Check yourself in a full-length mirror - front and back views please.  Rear views often show up a problem you do not see yourself.

Avoid excess details like ruffles, gathers, patch pockets etc as they add bulk to the illusion.
Keep your  shoulder pads to the thin variety - they do help clothing drape better and hid bulges from bra straps.
Buy your clothes to skim the body but do not hide in very large clothes.
Tunic tops should not cling or end at the widest part of your body.  Your slim-leg pants need to be flat-fronted and look good under long-line jackets, shirts and tunic tops.
Wearing scarves will brighten a dark outfit and draw attention to the face.  Please do not wear them tight, and bunched high on the neck though.  Long scarves and necklaces will give a vertical and slimming line.
If you are well-endowed,  wear medium-length necklaces, above the bust-line.

Narrow simple belts can slim, but wear your belt loose,  under an open jacket or cardigan to define the waist without featuring it.
You can get an illusionary effect with geometric shapes and angles.  Diagonals can create curves while the off-centre placement of accessories can be  diversionary.
To show your curves, stripes on the diagonal or a bias-cut dress, will sculpt curves on a straight up and down shape body.

Wide stripes will make you look larger, while small stripes slim you down.

If you want to make the bust look smaller, diagonal stripes will draw the eye away from the bustline and gives a longer, lean look.  You can flatter the cleavage with a cross-over style.
Chokers will shorten the neck and create a horizontal line.  Wearing longer chains, ropes of pearls or beads will be more flattering to a plus-size woman.

Long and full hair will make you look bigger.  A short cut may make the neck appear longer and you slimmer.  Check your hair in a mirror to see the effect it has on your overall look.

Monochromatic outfits give the longest leanest line, when you want to wear light or bright colours, instead of the darker versions.

If you do not have a waist, wearing a belt can flatter.  If the waist is quite small, wearing bright or tight belts will make everything above and below look much bigger.

Look for flat fine knits and materials that drape easily without clinging.  If you tend to wear heavy chunky knits or stiff fabrics you are adding bulk.
Keep in mind, your body proportions, when choosing shoes, handbags and jewellery. Bulky shoulder bags should not sit at the hipline, and plus-size  women will look larger if using small and delicate accessories.

Pant suits make everyone look taller and slimmer, especially if you are petite.  Single-breasted jackets are better as the double-breasted styles will visually broaden the look.

Long sleeves with a cuff are more slimming than short sleeves.  Look for 3/4 length, to just above the elbow,  in warmer weather.

Avoid styles with a dropped-shoulder as they widen and shorten the upper body and add kilos to the image.

This mother and daughter look very elegant with classic and simple style.
Women of all ages come in all shapes, sizes  and body types.  You may not necesarily be large, but big-boned, broad and muscular.

Feel good about yourself - you can look fabulous!
Page made 22 August 2001
Updated 7th September 2004
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