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OK.....we are overweight, or full-figured, but we like style - we do not want to always wear tent kind of clothes, or murky floral with cross-over bodice, gored skirt and self-fabric belt!  Or even overbig collars, bold prints, cropped jackets, and too-tight sleeves.  We are big and beautiful and want to look attractive and smart.

Let us enjoy
our proportions whatever they are, and clothe our bodies proudly.  We all have features that give our body character.  The human body is unique.
A simple suit with style.  The pull-on skirt is cut slim at the hem and shorter in length for a younger, slimmer line.  The large lapel flower is an attention-grabber, taking the eye to the face and away from the figure.
We can highlight some of our good features by adding more dimension in the clothing to make the feature appear larger,
or surround the feature with more space to optically change its size.  If we wish to disguise then we need to surround the feature with a larger item to divert the eye away from that feature.  A scarf over the shoulder is a good diversion
Make a personal statement, showing self-acceptance and individuality.
Learn to love your body as it is and disregard "latest colours, fabrics and hemlines".
Wearing a dark top and light pants will make you look shorter and your hips look fuller.  See the difference when dark pants a a light top give a taller, slimmer look.
A scarf (again) draws attention away from figure flaws.
Colour demands attention - it opens doors to memories and excites emotions.  When buying or making clothes, assess the beauty of colours on you.  Each of us can wear certain or differing variations of colour to bring our personal glow.  Whatever your size wear "your colours" - the tones that are complementary to your skintone will make you feel great. See Colour Imaging Pages by clicking here.
Keep the cut of your clothes loose and elegant.  Simplicity in style is most effective.  Use striking accessories like earrings, brooches or a shawl draped over one shoulder.  Choose plain, quality fabrics and keep the patterns for blouses or scarves.
Bright bold colour and strong shapes look sensational on a big woman (see left). The  colour, quality and fit of your clothes is more important than style.
Good undergarments are a must - get measured correctly so you have the right fit.
If you have found a stylish top, skirt or pants that you like and feel comfortable in, either make more yourself or get a dressmaker to make them for you - more of the same pattern but in various colours and various fabrics (which will take you through the seasons, and many occasions with ease.)
A good "pant or trouser" for the larger person is something comfortable, not tight, perhaps with a drawstring or elasticized waist.
Made to your very own measurements in drill, gabardine, wool flannel, denim, cotton, or for the at-home look, in tracksuiting.
Tops in various long-line lengths - roomy to fit, and to the hip area and even to the knee area, and for some occasions to cocktail length over a pant are good choices.  Make or buy tops so they can go with pants or skirts.  A pull-on skirt cut slim at the hem and shorter in length gives a younger, slimmer line to the body.

An open overshirt always looks good over a T-top with pants or skirt.  In varying colours and fabrics, they can be used for many occasions.  Have sweaters or jumpers in a long-line style too as they can be worn with jeans, or trousers.  Trousers can be worn with the hem rolled up, plain or with a cuff depending on how stylish you wish to be on any one day.

A timeless look is a man's trenchcoat over a chunky sweater and trousers.  Worn with a long scarf it can look very smart, no matter what your size.

Do not hide your figure - use good accessories and good colours which help develop your own personal style in dressing even if you have a larger body frame.

Pay attention to your grooming with a new hairstyle and makeup.  Enjoy being pretty.
Have a look in menswear stores for shirts, classic sweaters, baggy T.shirts and buy a few.  Dye them into different colours. 

Look at second-hand stores, army disposals, markets and mix your "finds" with other things. 
Chef pants, waiter jackets can be used to give yourself a distinctive look.
Make all your jeans/pants/trousers/skirts/culottes with elastic waists.  You can make an outfit look great with the right jewellery and by adding a scarf or shawl. 
Using various fabrics and colours, you can carry from season to season and from day to night.
Many stores are now catering to the larger size with stylish and fashionable garments.
Let's work with a basic wardrobe - how many of each will depend on your lifestyle, the season and your budget, so this is just a guide.

TOPS - blouses in several colours; sweaters with different necklines; suit jackets in solid colour; and camisoles or silk vests in several colours.
BOTTOMS - trousers in solid colours or with very subtle pattern; skirts in solid colours or subtle pattern; and suit skirts in solid colours.
DRESSES - covering work to evening.
OUTER WEAR - you need coats and jackets.

Once you have basics you can always add more suits, dresses and one-look outfits.  Casual clothes that can be adaptable to the above, or be one-look-outfits. 
If you are into sports then you need clothes for exercise and your sport.  Your wardrobe develops via your imagination.

You need in the shoe line - maybe flats, pumps, boots, loafers and evening shoes/sandals.  Maybe a briefcase, should bag, evening bag and a casual bag.  Day and evening scarves/shawls.  If you like belts something for day and evening.  Versatile jewellery depending on moods and effect, but you need to look at something dressy, casual, or elegant.
When your outfit has seams, panels, or gores, keep them close together for a slimming effect.  Add some "fake" vertical seams if necessary. 
Look for a line that is cut with ease and a fabric that is slightly firm with a soft, but not clingy drape.

Wear hats with brims that face upwards to create the illusion of more height.   Look to long jewellery to create vertical lines and wear bold accessories that balance best with your size.

Solid dark colours on your lower half with you brightest "personality" colours near your face, work very well.
Do not worry about wearing the same line that flatters you, all the time.  Use different fabric, colour and detail to get variety.  If you dress carefully, with makeup, and a nice hairstyle, people see you as a whole.  You will always look your best all the time even when fashions and styles come and go.  Fashion is really only as great as it looks on you, the individual.

You are cheating yourself if you follow trends to be "in" when this current trend may not suit you.
You have accomplished great fashion sense if you wear the latest because it looks good on you

Look healthy, energetic and professional.
Style is doing your own thing and your clothes reflect you as a person.  Style is more important than fashion and has nothing to do with age or size. Style is wearing what is right for you.
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