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When stripes are the fashion "thing" anyone can look good in them -- it is simply a matter of knowing which direction to take.
Stripes do look fresh, but can be tiring to the eye.  Be careful not to wear them head to toe.
Horizontal stripes at the mid-section help give the illusion of a waist.  (left)

Exposing the shoulder draws the eye up, diverting attention from the bust line, and wide horizontal stripes will make the bust area look bigger.   (right)
Horizontal stripes widen and shorten the body.  Wear only if you are slim and tall and want to look curvier.
Wide stripes will make you look larger, small stripes will slim you down.
Vertical stripes can visually add more to your height - they give elongation to the body.   (left)

Wearing diagonal stripes draws the eye from the bust area for a longer, and leaner look.

The cross-over style is flattering to cleavage.
The halter top is a fashionable choice for someone with a small bustline.  The flower pin takes the eye to the wearer's face.
Wear for a striking impact that will turn heads.
Make stripes work for you to accentuate your narrow parts and diminish the widest parts.

Stripes cut on the diagonal or bias-cut will give instant curves if your are a straight up and down body shape.
This pinstriped vest and skirt is a smart option for business wear in the office.

Looks fresh, cool and comfortable.

Remember not to wear white shoes with a black outfit.
To be smart wear black or taupe shoes and matching sheer hosiery.
Bold striped tops certainly have an impact.
Keep makeup subtle and seductive, and keep accessories to the "less is more" rule.

Just add chunky bangles or a flower pin for impact.
In very early times, stripes were a status symbol and proudly worn like a badge of honour - or some cases, disgrace!

Narrow pinstripes - businessman                  Horizontal stripes - sailor
Blue and white stripes - butcher                    Red and  white stripes - barber
Wide vertical stripes - gangster                     Broad stripes - convict
If striped outfits are not your style, perhaps you can choose stripped accessories instead.
Look to bags and handbags in stripes, perhaps a fun belt, a scarf or a selection of striped bracelets.

Have fun with your choices.  
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