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Are you a mature lady looking for some style?  Over 40 and you want  stylish fashion that will not make you look like "mutton dressed as lamb".    Some tips here might be of help to you.       Let's look good in timeless style!
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Fashion & Style for the Mature Woman
We don't  usually wear  the same dress size after 40 as we did when 18, and the more relaxed choice of layered garments and long-line jackets are going to look better than tight Tee's and off-the-shoulder tops.  Today,  dress codes are more for comfort and we can wear anything we like. but  should look to choosing  items that flatter.
By all means wear denim when over 40.   See how good our lady here looks in stretch denim pants, striped top and jacket, for a very smart casual look.

For a more  relaxed casual look, try  sneakers, V-necked Tee and loose utility pants.
Few women over 40 like to expose  tops of their arms, so wear a jacket or loose over-shirt over your T-shirt OR wear a classic white shirt instead of a sleeveless top.

This lady in her 50's  looks comfortable and very smart with white pull-on pants, white Tee and loose printer over-shirt.
Look smart in a black cowl-neck jersey dress, for the evening.

A mature women looks better with classic accessory choices like scarves and pearls to complete an outfit.  Leave chokers and funky belts to the younger set.

Knitted sweaters and linen pants or even a good quality Tee and cargo pants look good on women of any age.  Make sure they fit well and are not too tight.

Make sure you get measured regularly for new bras - dont wear the wrong size.

If you have a classic wardrobe, update a little with some of the latest accessories and fashion trends.
Pants suits or trousers and jackets always look smart.
Mature women look wonderful with classic court shoes and leather loafers with their outfits.  Most would steer clear of very high-heeled slingbacks and slide-on trainers.
For the very casual look in footwear, plimsoll style sneakers suit everyone.
If you have long hair, wear it up in an elegant style so you look younger, or go for a short chic cut.

Tight perms will age you - so look to a softer or straighter flattering hairstyle. 

Silver grey or white can look dynamic and sharp especially cut in a modern style, but yellow-grey hair tends to look dowdy and dull.  To look younger colour hair in a warm blonde shade.
Flabby upper arms are definitely less than flattering.  Look for elbow-length or 3/4 length sleeeves in the summer months and wonderful wraps and shawls for evening wear.

Avoid high necklines, chokers if you have a double chin and look to lower, open necklines to give the illusion of a longer neck

If you have a full-figure or are large-boned, make a statement with modern accessories, as tiny jewellery will not suit.

Black outfits can be softened with the use of colour near the face.

Keep makeup subtle.  Wear matt eye-shadows and use eye pencil, mascara and lipstick.

For makeup ideas see my makeup pages.

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Choose your clothing in colour shades best suited to your colour tones. Nothing is more ageing than wearing the wrong coloured clothes and makeup.

For Colour Image click here
Skin, hair and eyes loose pigment as we age, and it is best if we do not try to get hair back to its original colour.
Look for softer options, to suit your hair and skin tones.

Shop around for styles, and accessories that flatter YOU.  Don't try to recapture lost youth.
Move on and be comfortable with who you are.

If you would like help with your clothing choices for your Body Shape, take a look at my
Image pages by clicking here.

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All women pictured here are aged 45 to 68 years of age.
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