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Are you a petite build ?   Look for styles that have clean uncluttered lines.  Proportion is crucial. 
If you are slim, go for classic cropped jackets, teamed with skirts or leggings.  If you are more full-hipped, try tailored trousers.

Don't dress in long-line styles. 
A band of black down the centre of a jacket draws the eye down and, when worn with a simple black skirt, gives the illusion of height.

Try to avoid styles & prints  that overwhelm, or have full long skirts and lots of detail.  Large shoulder pads, fussy necklines, dolman sleeves, ankle-length skirts and fluffy/shaggy coats are NOT for the petite.

Wear your prints in moderation.  Wear solid colour to look great with perhaps a print jacket or scarf over the shoulder to draw attention to your face.
Colour in  unbroken top to toe gives the illusion of length.  You can get height also from hairstyles, and higher hemlines.

Keep the silhouette as slim as you can and if wearing trousers, avoid those with the turn-up hem.  Look to straight-leg or even tapereed trousers to give length to the leg.

Avoid, if you can, the wide leg styles.
In winter, look for many layers of fine woollen knits, instead of big thick chunky cable-knit styles of jumpers/tops.

Keep accessories in the small to medium scale if you are overweight or have a large-boned frame.  If very slim and small-boned look to a small scale for your jewellery selections.
Vertical stripes give a longer line.  Subtle tones are wonderful for short people.  Wearing straight leg pants, solid colours head to toe, heeled shoes, V-neck, open collars and loose tops all help with the illusion of height.
Shoes and hosiery look better when colour-matched.
Shop for,  or make straight-pleated skirts, straight cut pants and frocks and any asymetrical cut will give illusion of height.
Choose modest patterns, fitted jackets, and look for red/blue/purples, in your correct colour tone - for jackets and dresses as they are the high confidence colours to wear.

Wear medium-size heels on your shoes  to give you an extra inch or so.  Very high heels give the reverse effect.
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Page made 31 August 2001
Updated 7th September 2004
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