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Can't Live Without Him by Rebel
They're finally home. Chakotay asks Kathryn to come with him to Dorvan, but she refuses and he blows up at her. A year later, he returns... Don't worry, this story has a happy ending! :) PG-13

A Captain by Jamie
Talks about Janeway G

A Captain's Daughter Doesn't Cry by Tara
The Captain's daughter wonders when it's okay to cry when faced with a loss. PG-13

Captive Heart by ejspock
Janeway makes an interesting purchase at the slave markets... PG-13

Catastrophe by ejspock
Janeway literally FALLS in love with Chakotay PG

Challenges by Laura and Yarb
Kathryn and Chakotay are taken by aliens and tested. PG-13

Children of Time by JC
Voyager meets children of a future Voyager. PG

Closet Space by ejspock
Janeway's Closet is getting a little cramped... PG-13

Coffee, Tea, and Insanity by Puck
PG-13 for innuendo-ish stuff, but all in all, it's a harmless schmaltzy thingimijig that I wrote in 20 minutes over spring break... PG-13

Comfortable by Tara
Kathryn muses on how she feels after being in the 'workforce'. PG-13

Composure by Celestia
A J/C poem. Kathryn rationalizes not having a relationship to Chakotay by listing.....her hairstyles?! The kind of wackiness that only happens at 2am. PG

Computer Demon by Lissa
A little help for Chakotay and Janeway can go a long way. Lots of songs and sweet mushiness. G

Confession by Holly
Kathryn does a little confessing. PG

Confrontation by Sam
What if the tables were turned and it was Captain Janeway who had a fling? How would Chakotay react? PG-13

The Costume Party by Carissa
Tom wants a costume party. People dress up. But does Chakotay know that the Captain is around? PG-13

Culinary Delights by Laura Watkins
A response to the JetCJr8 Breasts challenge.  Kathryn and B'Elanna try their hand at cooking. Janeway/Chakotay Romance, Humour 8KB PG-13

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