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Observations by Rasbit
A companion piece to "Waiting" by Rebecca. A nameless ensign observes... G

Off the Coast of Nowhere by Sonja M Skrovanek
A "Hunters" epilogue serving mainly to tie up loose ends. Kathryn and Chakotay wonder about where the lost message relay network leaves the crew -- and them. PG

The Old Elm Tree by Aquiel
This is a story written in response to a challenge that I issued in JetCJr6; I would like you to write a story in which the relationship (or lack thereof) between Captain Janeway and Commander Chakotay is observed by a third party." PG

The One With the Dollhouse by Shorty
Janeway has to teach seven about being a child. PG-13

Only Human by Rebel
During the aftermath of 'Human Error', Kathryn inadvertently lets something slip to Chakotay... :) Light spoilers for the episode. PG-13

Oops!! by Tara
Someone decides to boost crew moral. PG-13

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