Thunderbolts: Too Many Masters! (Part 2) Round 2, from Thunderbolts 3

"Too Many Masters!" (Part 2) (1997/06/03) from Thunderbolts 3 (June 1997)
Reprinted in Thunderbolts: Justice Like Lightning

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Citizen V (Zemo), MACH-1, Meteorite (Moonstone), Songbird, Techno

Summary: The T-Bolts track down and tackle the Crimson Cowl’s New Masters of Evil. The MoE are Cyclone, Flying Tiger, Klaw, Man-Killer, and Tiger Shark. The Black Widow appears.

Continuity: There is a gap of several days between pages 10 and 11, during which "Old Scores" (Previous) takes place. Hallie makes her way into Thunderbolts HQ and displays her powers for the first time. Abe's and Melissa's relationship here does not quite jibe with their patter during "Scores," but we can chalk that up to the ups-and-downs of romance. Techno to Man-Killer: "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Heh.

Comments: The Bolts continue their early hitting streak introducing two wonderful kinks to Zemo’s master plan: A new team of villains co-opting his name, and the suspicions of The Black Widow. The Widow, by the way, has never looked better.

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