Thunderbolts: Maximum Security (Part 2) Break out your Irony Detectors, from Maximum Security 2

"Maximum Security (Part 2)" (2001/01/01)
"A World of Hurt" Maximum Security 2 (December 2000)
"Whatever the Cost!" Maximum Security 3 (January 2001)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Low

Roll Call: Charcoal, Hawkeye, MACH-2, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: While the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and company battle the world-devouring Ego, U.S. Agent and the Avengers Infinity Squad discover a dark plot behind the Intergalactic Councilís decision to turn Earth into a penal colony for E.T.ís.

The Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Jack of Hearts, Moondragon, Photon, Quasar, the Scarlet Witch, Starfox, Thor, Triathlon, Tigra, the Vision, Warbird, the Wasp and Wonder Man

The Fantastic Four: The Human Torch, the Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and the Thing

Other significant appearances: Beta-Ray Bill, the Black Panther, Cadre K, Colossus, Gambit, Agatha Harkness, the Hulk, The New Warriors (including Namorita, Nova, and Speedball), Professor X, Ronan the Accuser, the Silver Surfer, the Supreme Intelligence, Wolverine, the X-Men.

Continuity: Following the events of "Heroic Tendencies (Part 1)" (Previous/Thunderbolts), the T-Bolts make a cameo appearance Moonside. MACH-2 and Genis are with the team at this point, although not shown in this one-panel appearance. The T-Bolts were briefly seen battling the Ego-mass at the beginning of "The Inside Job" (Previous/Thunderbolts), and this story explains how that threat is dealt with. Captain Marvel appears in one panel of TV footage taken during his slugfest with Zey-Rogg (2000/11/02).

Comments: The three issues of Maximum Security form the smallest possible chunk that you can read and make sense of the story, which uses the annoying marketing gimmick of spanning dozens of titles. There are a few interesting developments, but competent storytelling cannot overcome the clutter of characters and plot threads.

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