Snow Applet  
Snow Applet

church.jpg (7.86K)

This is a snow applet.  You can turn any of your pics into a snow applet by 
uploading the file:  alcsnow.class.  E-mail me for this class file.
Then place the following code on your page:  (Copying and pasting is recommended)
<APPLET CODE=alcsnow.class codebase="" Width=300 Height=378>
<PARAM NAME=grph VALUE="church.jpg">
<PARAM NAME=snows VALUE="500">
<PARAM NAME=threadsleep VALUE="50">
Change only the portions in red.  Insert your correct URL, 
the exact size of your pic and the title of your image file.
You may have to adjust the WIDTH of the table for the frame to fit the size of your pic.
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