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I have been putting together some basic tutorials for Geocities Homesteaders.  I have tried to make then easy to understand.  Some are designed especially for those new to web pages.

I received this rose from a web master as a Thank You for assisting him with his applets.
Thank You Harold!  Hope my tutorials help others, too.
If any of my tutorials were of help to you, or you just think they will help someone else in creating their web page at Geocities, please place a link on your page to:


Creating Web Pages with Netscape Communicator

Editing Web Pages with Netscape Communicator

Photo Carousel
Lake Applet
Snow Applet
Creating a table with Netscape Communicator and Creating and editing using HTML code.
Adding Graphics
Adding Sound
Adding Backgrounds
Color Chart
More To Come

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[Tutorial Index]  [Photo Carousel]  [Lake Applet]  [Snow Applet]  [Tables]
[Adding Graphics]  [Adding Sound]  [Adding Backgrounds]  [Color Chart]
[Creating a Web Page with Netscape Communicator]
[Editing Web Pages with Netscape Communicator]

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