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Here lie the lost, the homeless, and the friendless.

Here lie those suffering from broken hearts, broken spirits.

Here lie the abandoned.

Brown Untarirakth

Stage: Adult
Born: Ryslen Weyr Clutch #40 -- Kalkt & Adherath
Previous Rider: Fionn (euphrosyne ellire)
Fertility: full

Untarirakth is on the large side for a brown, but he's all sleekness.

Untarirakth is a dragon of brains, not brawn. Unlike many browns, he is not calm or complacent. He is excitable and gets worked up rather easily, to his own detriment. He rarely does things by halves, always going to the utmost extremes whether it be in terms of the mind or body. He pushes himself hard, striving to measure up to all his peers, which is both a positive and negative factor at times.

(Untarirakth has not yet stated his new rider preferences)

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The way adopting works at Ryslen is like this:

Once the dragon is listed on this page, they're adoptable. Sometimes the previous owner has a very good, believable excuse, and they go home. Sometimes not.
The abandoned dragon has a paragraph describing their basic personality, and a paragraph describing the basics they demand in a new rider.
The first persona submitted that fits the dragon like the neighboring piece in a jigsaw puzzle gets the dragon. Easy as that. If they don't fit, they'll be turned down. The dragons won't stand to be abandoned twice.
Sometimes personas sent to adopt don't fit, but make a significant addition, in which case, there will be an added requirement for the one who will adopt - incorporating that contribution into the story.

Please note that adopting is not impressing, and the bond between the adopter and the abandoned will never be as close as the first. Dragons will be adopted at the stage that they were abandoned at. Adult dragons have only one stage.

If you think you have what it takes to befriend one of these poor dragons, please e-mail Jeyann.