Thunderbolts: The Villain who Fell from Grace with the Earth Scene from Avengers 8

"Turbulence!" The Avengers 8 (September 1998)
"The Villain Who Fell from Grace With the Earth" The Avengers 9 (October 1998)

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: When the hi-tech forces of Moses Magnum steal a sonic cannon, the Avengers interfere. They beard Magnum in his floating casino fortress, and discover that he has developed the power to create earthquakes.

The Avengers are Captain America, Firestar, Iron Man, Justice, the Scarlet Witch, the Vision, and Wonder Man. Jarvis' South American pen-pal is discovered to be Silverclaw.

Continuity: Angry at seeing the Thunderbolts on a magazine cover and frustrated by not being leader, Hawkeye leaves The Avengers for stormier pastures.

Comments: A ho-hum plot, but man, that George Perez can draw!

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