Thunderbolts: Heat & Pressure Charcoal's debut, from Thunderbolts 19

"Heat & Pressure" (1998/10/01) from Thunderbolts 19 (October 1998)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Jolt, MACH-1, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: Still struggling to polish their tarnished reputations the Thunderbolts battle to free a town from the clutches of the Imperial Forces and their powerhouse, Charcoal. With a brief appearance from some Masters of Evil: Cyclone, Flying Tiger, Klaw, Man-Killer, Tiger Shark.

Continuity: Charcoal debuts, but is not yet a Thunderbolt. The Imperial Forces will later be identified as part of The Secret Empire. For the first time we see that Melissa's gadgetry extends to modules on her throat. They are removable but it is apparently difficult, as she leaves them on at inconvenient times.

Comments: Yet another strong effort from Busiek and Bagley, this one is filled with inter-team plotting ("What is this?" wonders Moonstone, "Round-robin leader day?"), features a whopper of a battle between the 'Bolts and Charcoal ("the Winner of the Wizard Create-a-Villain Contest!"), and is capped by yet another of Busiek’s terrific surprise endings.

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