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I have over written some pages of the blog but will try to replace here.. The work of digging out the east wall ditch took about a month. In some of the pictures below you will see the ditch and how I put the foam logs into it.




Looking back from where I'm building toward where I live.




stack of Foam logs, picture taken from north east corner of house



looking up the hill that indent is my north west corner of the house



looking at the east wall from the north east corner that is a ditch I have put foam in.




Looking at same ditch from the south east corner.




Looking at same ditch from N/E corner, but now there is one layer of foam in the ditch. Part of it has two layers.




Looking from the north east toward South west. That is a Cement foundation is needs more added to it, it is for the fireplace area.




Looking from the west to east




More pictures

(looking at our land)



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