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Looking at "OUR" Land




Looking down the hill and trail from where I'm building toward my sister's house

L side I am trying to get the two trees to bend over to make an arch... its hard to see but I have them bent and tied together.. Hopefully they will grow that way!




L - You see part of her house and the out house (privy) R - this is the area between our houses looking south





Top L- Left side looking east from trail...Top R - standing near the outhouse looking up the trail 

Bottom, halfway up the trail looking toward the east and where my house will be.





14 Aug 2005....

Well I have the center wall foundation ditch within about 7 ft of the big tree stump and do not look forward to its removal! That well be some hard work! 


the center foundation ditch

by the way so you can figure the height of the cement on the left side in the picture... that is a five gallon bucket right beside it. and the top of the cement is 20 inches below the top of the blue foam in left center of the picture. because of the light color of the dirt it s hard to see the slope of the hill.


the tree stump is just below the red X

next pictures will show it better.


It has been raining here for 3 days so I haven't been working on it... This is the first real rain in well over a month or two.. 

More latter........




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