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12 Sept 2005

We finally levered it up using 2x4's and large rocks to lift it. (LOL broke the 2x4's in half.) After we got it out of the hole, we rolled it out of the way. Now to fill in that hole, It's about 3 to 3 &1/2 ft deep by about 4 ft wide. Bless Tom... I never would have done it with out him. (Lordie, I hurt... that was real work!)




that's Tom...





13 Sept, 2005


I got up late, but was out working on the ditch by 10:00 am. Filling in the hole the stump left went very fast, in fact it surprised me. I did some minor leveling. then quit for the day. I don't think it took but about 1 and 1/2 hours to complete. It rained this afternoon. So more work on leveling the ground in the ditch may or may not be what I do tomorrow. It will depend on how wet the ground gets. I don't know if you all realize how wonderful it is to have that stump out of the way... It is a wonderful feeling. 


The rain will help settle the dirt and rocks used to fill the hole in, I did pack it pretty well but all disturbed ground needs to settle before building on it. Getting the stump out will save me about 200.00 to 300.00 dollars that would have been used to buy cement to incase it.

you all have a good day....



14 Sept 2005


It rained cats and dogs last night. The lights went out twice so I went to bed early. Out by 8:00 am... Looking at the ditch this morning, I could see from where the water left its water marks what wasn't level. So I did a little work but the ground is really to wet to dig in.  Try again Friday... Tomorrow is grocery shopping day!



15 Sept 2005


Well, I think we are making up for no rain in June/July and part of August. It rained again last night. The tempitures have dropped into the 70's (Yea!) but boo on the working in the dirt... I mean mud! but still it is the best thing as the water causes the ground to settle better. One day of dry dirt and I can level it completely. Then start laying the foam logs. ..more tomorrow..






24 Sept 2005


Sorry, I haven't posted here in days! It has been raining and then to hot and I've been lazy! lol anyway I have two layers up now and hopefully it will go faster..








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