June 20, 2009

Added story details and comments to "Target:Death!", a Daredevil/Bullseye battle.

Added story details and comments for the Thunderbolts' guest appearance Avengers/Invaders #1.

June 7, 2009

New entry for It Came and Went on a Midnight Clear!, an obscure Plantman christmas story. (Thanks, Dermie!)

Added links for Bullseye along with these entries on his critical path:
* Debut appearance from Daredevil #131
* "Target:Death!", in which he is hired to kill Matt Murdock (further details pending)
* "Duel!", a frequently referenced televised battle with DD
* "Marked for Murder!", Frank Miller's first look at Bullseye
* "Devils", in which Bullseye goes bonkers
* "Last Hand" -- the murder of Elektra
* "Roulette", Frank Miller's haunting goodbye
* "Redemption" from Daredevil #200
* "Guardian Devil", the debut of Daredevil under the Marvel Knights imprint and the death of Karen Page
* "Hardcore", in which Bullseye looks suspiciously like that actor from the movie
* "Greatest Hits", which provides a nice chunk of backstory

April 18, 2009

Completed the critical path of Mac Gargan and Venom:

Linked all of Gargan's appearances in existing T-Bolts entries.

Added Mac to The Early Lives of the Thunderbolts and The Secret Debut of the Thunderbolts.

New entries:
- The Coming of the Scorpion!, Mac's super-villain debut.
- Never Step on a Scorpion, Mac's second bout with Spider-Man.
- Secret Wars, in which Spider-Man first acquires the alien symbiote. Combined existing entries for crossovers from The Avengers and Code of Honor into this same entry and added Spidey/Venom's return to Earth from Amazing Spider-Man 252.
- The Sinister Secret of Spider-Man's New Costume!, in which Mr. Fantastic reveals the truth about the alien symbiote.
- 'Til Death Do Us Part!, in which the symbiote demonstrates its obsession with Spider-Man.
- Venom, the first significant appearance of the bonded Eddie Brock/symbiote.

Rebuilt the page for The Trial of Venom -- which previously only noted a Moonstone cameo -- as a full-fledged entry.

Updates to these existing entries in which Mac and/or Venom appear: A Gathering of Evil, Cat's Paws, Escape from A.I.M. Island and the Fight-Bolts arc.

April 4, 2009

Continued sequencing Thunderbolts apperances from Civil War through Secret Invasion:

New entries:

- Reason in Madness: Venom and Osborn versus Whirlwind & company.

- The Death of Marc Spector: The T-Bolts hunt down Moon Knight

- New Ways to Die: The Thunderbolts come to New York to chase down Spider-Man

- Secret Invasion and Running the Asylum: In which Norman Osborn does the right thing for the wrong reason -- and wins the brass ring. Dealing with the return of Mockingbird requires some continuity text changes to her death ("Soul Gauntlet") and apparent cameos from Hell in The Avengers and the Thunderbolts 2000 annual.

April 3, 2009

Updated recent Thunderbolts events:

New entry for Breaking Point, in which Melissa's mom stops by for a visit.

New entry for International Incident, the excellent study of Chen Lu's and Andreas Strucker's allegiances.

New entry for One More Day, the bizarre Spider-Man retcon that brings Harry Osborn back to life.

March 27, 2009

Made these final entries on Speedball's critical path:

"Responsibility": The New Warriors adventure in which Robbie first meets Biohazard.

"Pilot", the debut issue of the New Warriors 2005 volume in which the team launch a reality TV series.

With crossover references with Hawkeye and the Beetle and an appearance from Speedball, I finally gave in and added The Infinity Crusade. Created the entry by expanding the existing West Coast Avengers page and combining it with the (previously separate) Darkhawk page.

Filled in the gaps with a few notes in The Secret Debut of the Thunderbolts and Foundation of the New Thunderbolts.

March 8, 2009

Continued work on Speedball's critical path with these entries:

Added the
scene from Captain American #352 in which Speedball tries out for The Avengers.

Added a snippet from his job as an intern for Damage Control. Inserting this adventure forced the second half of the FF's Acts of Vengeance story to be renumbered as 1989/12/06.

Added "Hard Choices", an excellent New Warriors adventure in which, along other things, Robbie's Mom learns his secret identity.

Added Infinity War -- and, importantly, the New Warriors event cross-over issue in which Speedball's Dad learns his secret identity.

Wrapped up the sad story of the dysfunctional Baldwin family with a scene from New Warriors #31 showing Robbie's parents splitting up and Robbie moving to NYC with his Mom.

February 4, 2009

Added Speedball's premieres with the New Warriors from Thor #411-412 and New Warriors #1.

Thor's continuity requires splitting the Fantastic Four's Acts of Vengeance story into two parts: "Shadow of Alarm!" and "Dark Congress!".

January 29, 2009

Added a few more details to the birth of Harry Osborn's son.

Began mapping the critical path of Robbie Baldwin with updates to The Early Lives of the Thunderbolts and the addition of...

A new entry for Robbie's first three adventures from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22 and Speedball #1.

January 21, 2009

Completed Norman Osborn's critical path with the addition of the Marvel Knights Spider-Man trilogy of "Down Among the Dead Men", "Venomous" (upgraded from a Speed Demon cameo) and "The Last Stand".

January 3, 2009

Added Venom's appearance from Sub-Mariner: Revolution.

Added recent T-Bolts appearances from Damage Control and the Penance miniseries (and added a corresponding note to Civil War).

Added Atlas' team-up with Nighthawk in The Last Defenders.

Added Phil Urich's debut as the Green Goblin #1 to explain why a new GG appears in "Joystick On My Mind". To close continuity, also added Phil's career-ending appearance in Onslaught.

Added a snapshot of Harry Osborn's career as the Goblin: "The Green Goblin Lives Again!" and "Best of Enemies!".

Added Osborn's return (and the end of the Spider-Man Clone Saga) from Spider-Man: Revelations

Moving into the Thunderbolts era, added Revenge of the Green Goblin.

November 16, 2008

Began posting the career of the Green Goblin with an entry on The Early Lives of the Thunderbolts page and his early Amazing Spider-Man appearances.

Updated the About The Site page to reflect the site's revised mission given the additional of so many characters with such complex histories.