Maps Of Carodos
Map Description
Landmarks General features and landmarks of Carodos labeled. Also largest of the maps.
Environments The general environments of the planet. Color coded.
Western Continent Borders and major settlements of the Western Continent.

Races of Carodos
Race Name Information Status
Anthropic Races Some Present, but still Under Construction.
Buterfluas Complete.
Dwarf Complete.
Egsu Information Currently Withheld.
Elf Complete.
Human Complete.
Shape-Shifter Complete.
Slirvorm Information Currently Withheld.
Totemic Complete.
Unican Complete.
Vampire Complete.

Important Places
Area Information Status
Zanean Region Complete.
Lands of Narket Complete.
Realm of Ani'Mes Complete.
The North Complete.
The South Complete.
The Eastern Continent Complete At The Moment